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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    I got these refurbed but ended up not needing them. Guy took out the seals but couldn't find replacements at short notice. So comes with old seals, pipes etc in a bag. Couple of small chips on edges. £120 delivered
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Brembo brakes, bought these from Tully-o ages ago but ended up not needing them £125 delivered
  3. Wanted
    Hi, I need to refurb my CP5555-1032 calipers, so i'm looking for these parts (delivered to France) and need price and delay: CP2409-124 PISTON-1.50x32.0 ALUMINIUM Quantity: 3 CP3650-107 PISTON-1.25x32.0ALUMINIUM Quantity: 3 CP5555-108 PISTON-1.06x31.9ALUMINIUM Quantity 2 CP4519-CEJ...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi all. This is a Pair of Evo 6 front brembo calipers with used brembo pads, with all pins, bolts and shims. These are an ideal upgrade for the Evo 4 with everything you need, just needing the disks or for replacing any others up to the Evo 9. They have had a quick respray by my friend to...
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    I am selling all four brake calipers that came in my Evo 4 GSR originally with 4 crossdrilled slotted and vented disc along with the pads. There is nothing wrong with them. I simply took them off to upgrade to the Evo 9 Brembo's. Right now they are in a box in my garage and taking up space...
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    NOW SOLD CALIPERS I have upgraded my brakes to K Sports and therefore have my original Brembo calipers for sale. I did the upgrade in time for a trackday, so it wasn't a case of waiting until the pads/discs were worn out, I just did the upgrade 'mid life' so to speak so there is plenty of life...
1-6 of 6 Results