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  1. EBC Brakes
    To see EBC’s pad & disc/rotor recommendations, just let us know what & how you drive, then leave the rest to us. The below link will take you to our interactive Brake Selector Tool, where basic questions on your car or motorcycle and driving style will determine the best recommendation for you...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    I got these refurbed but ended up not needing them. Guy took out the seals but couldn't find replacements at short notice. So comes with old seals, pipes etc in a bag. Couple of small chips on edges. £120 delivered
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Brembo brakes, bought these from Tully-o ages ago but ended up not needing them £125 delivered
  4. Wanted
    Hi, I need to refurb my CP5555-1032 calipers, so i'm looking for these parts (delivered to France) and need price and delay: CP2409-124 PISTON-1.50x32.0 ALUMINIUM Quantity: 3 CP3650-107 PISTON-1.25x32.0ALUMINIUM Quantity: 3 CP5555-108 PISTON-1.06x31.9ALUMINIUM Quantity 2 CP4519-CEJ...
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi all. This is a Pair of Evo 6 front brembo calipers with used brembo pads, with all pins, bolts and shims. These are an ideal upgrade for the Evo 4 with everything you need, just needing the disks or for replacing any others up to the Evo 9. They have had a quick respray by my friend to...
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    I am selling all four brake calipers that came in my Evo 4 GSR originally with 4 crossdrilled slotted and vented disc along with the pads. There is nothing wrong with them. I simply took them off to upgrade to the Evo 9 Brembo's. Right now they are in a box in my garage and taking up space...
  7. Private Sales - Parts
    NOW SOLD CALIPERS I have upgraded my brakes to K Sports and therefore have my original Brembo calipers for sale. I did the upgrade in time for a trackday, so it wasn't a case of waiting until the pads/discs were worn out, I just did the upgrade 'mid life' so to speak so there is plenty of life...
1-7 of 7 Results