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  1. Newbie
    Hi there, In the process of trying to find a nice evo 8 to buy, only going to keep for around a year so would prefer modded one rather than standard unless it was a good car for good money, i have £11500 max to spend and no real preference in colour. Was just wondered what bad bits to look out...
  2. Lancer Chat
    Hi I'm a new member having bought an EVO VIII last week. :) Could I please have some advice on the best websites to buy all things EVO please. I want to start off by buying some Ferodo DS 2500, ralliart thermostat, oil temp and pressure gauges and also some anti roll bars. Cheers.
  3. Used Car Information
    hi guys needing some views on this price ect .... im really thinking about buying but just not too sure about price ect help would be well appreciated:thumbup:
  4. Used Car Information
    Im currently looking at an evo :) does anyone know anything at all about this evo .....reg Mv08 PFP ??white evo IX mr ?? Thanks guys
  5. Used Car Information
    Hello all Looking to buy an EVO 9, hoping someone can offer some advice. Im interested in either the FQ340 or FQ360 with low mileage, found a nice looking '05 FQ 340 with approx 30k miles which im going to look at tomorrow. Any thoughts on what a fair price would be and things to check when...
1-5 of 7 Results