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  1. Bodywork / Detailing
    Does anyone know the size of the bolts that hold on the front bumper from the front? the bolts where you have to remove the little cover to get to the bolt and behind the number plate holder. i cant seem to get a straight answer anywhere. TIA
  2. Bodywork / Detailing
    So I have been looking around for a diffuser for the rear of my lancer ralliart. I came across this site and wondering if anyone has an idea if this one would fit in place of the black section on the rear bumper. Or there...
  3. Lancer Chat
    Ok. Been lurking around the register for a few months. Having previously been an active member for the 'ahum ahum briskoda' forum. I have changed scenes!! Anyway. I have owned my beautiful lancer GS4 for about 3 months now and its been nothing but a dream to Drive! I do have a few questions...
  4. Wanted
    Best place to grab some new trim clips and bumper bolts to replace the rusty, snapped ones? I'm guessing a trader will be better than Mitsubishi :mitsi:
  5. Wanted
    Looking for a TME front bumper? Contact me soon as possible 07809463135 Cheers
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello there, Here I have a set of Carbon bumper extensions to fit an Evo IX from Xtreme Carbon, they are both in new condition with no scratches or marks. I was wondering if anyone had and was willing to swap a set of Evo VIII ones in the same condition? Or if anyone was interested in buying...
  7. Lancer Chat
    Hi, I have a 2010 Juro Lancer Sportback and I have been trying to find an Evo X style front bumper and bonnet. Will an Evo X kit fit my car or do I have to buy them specifically for the Sportback?
  8. Wanted
    Hi guys any one selling a front 9 bumper with splitter or with out?
  9. Wanted
    Looking for a front evo 9 bumper in good condition........looking for ideally a black one........shoot me a pm as to what you got. Thanks
  10. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi All I have an EVO 5 front bumper for sale, with fog lights still in place and the mesh grill intact. It currently has an awful BT Van grey wrap on it, but underneath it is silver. Not sure why the whole car was wrapped in this horrid colour but hey.. no accounting for taste :) I've left...
  11. Wanted
    Hello, I am after a grey/silver Evo 4 rear bumper, with the skirt also would be great. It needs to be in good condition or a near as. I am near plymouth if its local otherwise I would also need it posted to me if possible. I hope someone can help Cheers JAB1a :mitsi:
  12. Wanted
    Now purchased a bumper. Still need: Also seeking 1 x OZ 17" original rim as i have damaged one. Last but not least still seeking genuine carbon arm rest and aircon surround.
1-13 of 13 Results