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  1. Engine / Turbo
    i replaced my Rad yesterday, in the process i had to take the inlet hardpipe out, i disconnected all four hoses from it, i also cleaned the mushroom filter. As far as i know i have put it all back correctly. When everything was back together and i took it for a test drive i noticed the BOV was...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. I'm selling my OEM metal recirc from my previous setup. It has about 40k miles and works perfectly as it should. Located near Reading. Contact via PM or email me I'm asking 55GBP delivered to UK. Cheers
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    £90 delivered This is a dump valve for Evos Located in East Midlands Contact [email protected] or just PM me.
  4. Technical Questions
    Hi everyone I recently purchased another Evo, this time an VIII GSR american specs. My other was an Evo IV Japanese specs. I had invested a lot of money on parts for it because our plan was to remain in Germany until the car was 25 years old. Long story short this is no longer then plan and I...
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    £80 DELIVERED:coolsm: New = For sale is my Split R BOV. Sound's really good, not too loud but it's definetly noticable. Hardly been used as can be seen...
  6. Technical Questions
    Hi Until my car was mapped and forged i ran a non-recirculating dump valve that made a hell of a whoosh and i really liked (Chavvy i know but what can i say :handsup:). After mapping, every time i had boosted hard and came to idle the engine cut out. On recommendation from Anthony at Indigo GT...
1-6 of 6 Results