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  1. EVO VI

    I eventually fitted a carbon bonnet. It had a blue kevlar weave so fitted the car's colour and looked pretty cool in person. I don't just talk the talk :) I only date girls that have the same car as me
  2. Private Sales - Cars
    Here i have a fantastic Evo 6, Many mods, well looked after in desirable Reims blue with Carbon bonnet and carbon wrap roof, stands out in the crowd! real head turner................ I bought off a friend in October 12, also a MLR member, he had for couple years bought as standard and got...
  3. Spotted
    Was just leaving Morissons in Tavistock and then out of (seems like) nowhere there was a nice looking blue EvoIV behind me (Silver EvoIV), it was a rare sight to have two similar Evo's in Tavy right next to eachother. Just seeing if you are a memeber on here? :mitsi:
  4. Technical Questions
    Hi, Bought my Evo 8 FQ 330 recently and checked it the other day and the coolant is low so wanted to top it up but don't know what make of coolant it is. It is blue so can i just add a some more good quality blue coolant such as Comma XStream G40...
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi, CAGE IS HAS GONE More Items further down in thread.... More to come also! For Sale - Evo 7/8/9 Cusco 6 Point Bolt-in Roll Cage Blue £200 Fits around Dashboard & original interior. Bottom plates included but no bolts. Can offer fitting service if required. Based in Gloucester, call 01452...
1-5 of 5 Results