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  1. Wanted
    I’m looking for an Evo X RS rear center belt that only goes around the waist. Evo X GSR and MR has 3-point belt.
  2. Wanted
    Hey all, as the title says, I'm after a drivers side seatbelt for a 456 (I have a VI at the minute). It's illegal to sell second hand seatbelts here in Australia so I need someone to help me out or I'll have to get one direct from Mitsi. Postage can be to Co. Donegal, Ireland or you can get a...
  3. Wanted
    Wanted alternator tensioner/pulley assembly for a CP9A Evo 6, Engine code 4g63. ( The part that is slackened using a 1/2" drive wrench ) Mine has unfortunately snapped.
1-3 of 4 Results