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  1. Wanted
    I have put a previous post a few months ago but had no luck. I’m looking for the MR badges for front mesh grill. I know they were being sold on here some time ago. Anyone point me in the right direction or is interested in selling one they currently own? Really like the look of them and would...
  2. Wanted
    Hi guys, took the car to the car wash and end bit of the X got broken off....only noticed it when i was parking the car back in the garage. Doe's anyone sell the X on the lettering or do i have to buy the entire set? thanks
  3. Wanted
    Looking for front mitsi badge from 5 front grill cheap if poss. :mitsi:
  4. Bodywork / Detailing
    Anyone know the size of the front Mitsi badge that is usually on the grille. Mine never had one but I'd quite like to get a carbon one on there.
  5. Wanted
    Need the mitsi badge - just the logo not the text from the boot of an Evo V Cheers
1-5 of 5 Results