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  1. Technical Questions
    After a recent clutch change we and :mitsi: have been unable to get the AYC to bleed and horrific noise from the wheels (sorry I'm not the most techie girl) :mitsi: apparently bleed the AYC pump at last service a couple of months ago without issue. Now their computer cannot see it :wallbang...
  2. Wanted
    Looking for a solenoid for ayc/acd pump for a VII. Single plug type. (proportional I think) Thanks
  3. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I've just rebuilt and serviced my AYC/ACD pump in my Evo X. I had the usual failure Service required light come on, and I've fixed it now. I had to replace parts of the pump and rebuild the motor with a new brush. I'm thinking of starting a little business rebuilding pumps. With Mitsi charging...
  4. Technical Questions
    Hey evo boys, am about to put a new transfer case in on Wednesday, looking to see what oil a should be using for it, and for topping up the ayc fluid? Cheers boys :smthumbup
  5. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I have an Evo 9, FQ320... AYC went not so long ago, I get 3 green lights within 5 minutes of driving it, is there somewhere near Leeds where i can take it ... I assume I have to recon the pump ... :wallbang: :mitsi:
  6. Technical Questions
    I recently bought a IV but I failed to notice the loud noise it was making in the rear end. Whenever I start to speed up or get to 3rd gear there's a loud vibrating noise. The noise starts to go away when I'm slowing down as well. I've brought it to two different shops and they didn't find...
  7. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Wanna change the carrier bushings... but don't want to drop the entire diff. Can the bar be unbolted from the body of the car and the supports on the diff and lowered enough to change those bushings?
  8. Technical Questions
    Hi all, Im in need of some info please people. A while ago i noticed that my car didnt feel as stable as normal when cornering i.e it felt like it was on the limit and could go at anytime even though im driving at a reasonably sensible speed (no wheel squeal). This sensation occurs on any...
  9. Technical Questions
    When my IV was in for its AYC service I was told that the reason for the AYC light illuminating was a fault with the brakelight switch. I've just replaced the switch and I'm still getting the same - AYC light goes out after engine starts and then comes on after 1-2 mins driving. Anyone know...
  10. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    With the ACD/AYC fluid changes around the corner I was pondering of possibility of doing it on my own, without someone's help. This is not a complete guide, it is rather a piece of a jigsaw. You know, people floor the gas to run the ACD/AYC pump for a short while. Here is how you could probably...
  11. Wanted
    Hi, I've been offered a couple of 456 pumps for £150-£180 but these won't fit my 8 (with ACD etc), so need a 789 type pump. Let me know what you have via PM. Thanks. Cheers, Ben PS - My job takes me from Hampshire to Lancashire and back once a week, so can pickup from places near...