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  1. Technical Questions
    hi all, recently my 5 started to whine from the rear, was quiet at first but got louder throughout the day. it whines while parked as well. the ayc fluid looks to be ok, but i havent changed it. is this the ayc pump dying or do i need to change fluids? or is the cause something else? and what...
  2. Wanted
    Do you want brand new disks? Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  3. Technical Questions
    Hello Evo friends, need some help please. I'm quite new to the game. Recently noticed a strange noise which I have never heard before. It happens when I turn the ignition on and I just found out it is coming from the trunk of the car as the fluid in the AYC reservoir goes down after the car is...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
  5. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    My lovely Evo6 TM is gradually falling victim to the dreaded iron worm - the AYC pump is the latest to suffer. :cry: She's 15 you know! The garage doing the job (the excellent Bell's AutoServices (was Rising Sun Performance) in Ropley, Hants) are doing their best to source another which doesn't...
  6. Wanted
    Wanted for mate:smthumbup Used or new considered.
  7. Wanted
    Just a shot but has anyone got a working ayc pump for sale for sensible money?? My Evo 8 has the common 3 lights on as a result of stuck solenoids :goingmad: They seem to be as rare as chicken teeth nowdays but I thought I may aswell ask! :lol: Thanks
  8. Wanted
    need an evo 8/9 ayc pump... supplied , fitted and all other oils etc needed to make it work... prices please... either together ,,,or just install... or just for pump.. Lowmilage.. hopefully near westmidlands, but all quotes considered...thanks
1-8 of 9 Results