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  1. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    My alternator failed so I bought a refurbished one and the garage couldn't fit it as the fittings are different to the original one. I have had two further ones sent to me and all three have different fittings to the original. The model numbers match and Mitsubishi UK confirmed that I have the...
  2. Wanted
    Wanted alternator tensioner/pulley assembly for a CP9A Evo 6, Engine code 4g63. ( The part that is slackened using a 1/2" drive wrench ) Mine has unfortunately snapped.
  3. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Hello all, my 9 is playing up after receiving a jump start. the battery was run flat while the car was being washed. after the car was jump started, it would appear the alternator has been unable to charge the battery. I've had the multimeter accross the battery, reading ~12v with engine off...
1-3 of 3 Results