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  1. Tyres / Wheels
    Was looking at XXR 527's to the VII. What other wheels are multispoke concave that would look good on a VII?
  2. Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for 17" from EVO 8 ( or 9 ( Pics, price and location is needed when offering. Thank you
  3. Wanted
    Hi guys. I am after for a set of alloys which surplus the following: 5x114 Fits over brembos and EVO hub properly (correct centerbore) 17x7ish or maybe 18" diameter Light as possible (I know I can't afford superlight alloys regarding my budget) Tyres not needed. Must be straight not buckled, not...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi, for sale a set of 4 x OZ alloys taken from my 5. Reconditioned 18 months ago they have some wear and tear and could do with a paint again however main reason for selling is I have changed to 8 Enkeis after I had a prang with these. As a result two are damaged, one cosmetic on the inner rim...
1-4 of 5 Results