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  1. Wanted
    Hi all, A friend of mine is looking for a rear Alcon 4 pistons calipers pair, brakets and rotors for his Evo 8. He already has the front 6P ones. Open to offer :) ;)
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    E8 Genuine FQ 400 6 Pot Alcon Brake Calipers With 343mm Discs Got a extremely rare set of Alcon brakes of a evo 8 fq400. There were only 100 fq400's made. They are exactly the same as the kits you can buy, but have Mitsubishi cast into the caliper which gives them a cool OE look over the normal...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi, my buddy has asked me to put this advertisement for him. Items removed from fastest TA Evo in Baltic states due setup upgrade. Front Alcon Race Kit 365mm Evo 4-10 with 2x used CL Brakes RC8 brake pads...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    6 pot ap racing cp5555 calipers with brackets to suit 7/8/9, come with used but good ebc blue stuff pads. Two piece discs with alloys bells, require new rotors. £750
  5. Brakes
    That time has come when I need to change my disks for some new ones with a bit of meat on them. I have got the Alcon BBK Extreme FQ400 setup. This is the first time that I have had to do this with Alcons, and after seeing the cost of the mounting bolts kit I am looking for some advice on...
  6. Tyres / Wheels
    I've recently purchased Alcon Advantage Extreme mono6 343mm front brake kit (the same as fitted on VIII FQ400), and now it looks like I won't be able to fit my Enkei RPF1 17*8.5 +30 over these brakes (overall diameter needed for the brakes is 386mm+clearance, I guess it should be 396+mm, inner...
  7. Wanted
    Hi. I'm after a decently priced brake kit or rotors/pads for my DD Evo X (400HP&570Nm). One of the forum members offered me an astonishing price on Alcon FQ400-like kit which I'm ready to buy. The hold-up is the price for replacement rotors (I don't know about the pads).:wallbang: And that is...
  8. Brakes
    Hi. Can someone tell me what is the cost for the Alcon's 365mm FQ400 BBK's replacement rotors and what discs are currently available for above? Is there any better place to buy those parts than Alcon Company? Cheers JED
1-8 of 8 Results