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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello, 4G93T 1.8L parts for sale: NEW Carrillo Pistons, 82.00mm NEW DuraTech H-Beam rods, with ARP2000 NEW ARP Headstuds NEW ARP Mainstuds All parts for: 800 GBP incl. shipping. (Newprice: 1.400GBP) If you are interested in single parts, send PN.
  2. ECU / Mapping
    Hello guys, I have an mitsubishi Carisma (like the european lancer) from 1997. It had an 4g93GDI engine build an, an 5 gear manual, and an metal boxed ecu. The Injector Driver is extra. I reworked the engine completely with parts from the 4g93GDI Turbo out of the lancer Cedia from 2003 (CS5W)...
  3. Technical Questions
    Hey everyone, I'm brand spanking new here. I've read alot in these forums over the last 6 months and decided to join to see if someone can help me out. Thank you in advance I've bought a 96 Lancer and converted it to a 2nd gen 4g93t. Practically everything is good to go except the tranny setup...
1-3 of 3 Results