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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello, new Sonnleitner Motorsport - 4G63/4G64 Torque Plate for sale. Will fit with ARP headstuds and with OEM headbolts, bore up to 87.00mm. 350GBP incl. shipping.
  2. Engine / Turbo
    Hi team I've got a stock Evo 5 engine that had been completely drained dry for over a year. I had put oil down the bores and wound over by hand to keep the bored clean. But this was drained completely before new oil went in. I now have it installed in my car and am ready to start it up BUT...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. Selling a fully complete set of Scotia White Doors from an EVO4. With mirrors, doorcards etc. 200 for all 4 Full interior loom with a very sophisticated alarm system with tracker module, comes with keyfob too. Offers Rear AYC diff, rear subframe and moustache bar complete good...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. I have some bits which I think I won't use but might be very handy for someone else. Located near Reading, anyone fancy a view you are more than welcome. I have more bits so if you want anything, give me a shout, I might help. 4G64 OEM crank 100mm stroke, can be used for different...
  5. Other Mitsubishi Vehicles
    I will leave no comments here, let the pictures do the talking.
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi there. I'm selling my 4G64 crank, it's std size from a low mileage engine, ready to use, supplied by Ross sport and been dry stored ever since. Reason: going different route with engine build. Location: near Reading Contact: please PM, thanks I'm after 175GBP for the crank. Any questions...
  7. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi to every MLR member. I will list the bits and pieces I have up for sale, will be updated every time I find something new. I live between Reading and Basingstoke, near Tadley, viewing is strongly recommended. Everyone is more then welcome for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat when coming to have...
  8. Technical Questions
    I was looking at then chassis info plate on my car the other day and noticed that it says 4G63, NOT 4G64 as I expected. :confused: It's definitely a IX (UK FQ320), albeit one of the first as it's on an 05 reg. The paperwork and chassis number prefix also verify that it is a IX. :thumbup: Makes...
  9. Wanted
    Hi, After the little grey tank that mounts on the back of the inlet manifold bracket (4g63 evo 6) I believe its a vacuum tank?!?!? It has two points to attach vacuum hoses to the top marked 'A' and 'B' and only lets air flow one way. I hope thats an accurate description? Unless someone...
  10. Private Sales - Cars
    7" Team Dynamics n 44mm spacers. Chipped ECU custom 3" down pipe (with new Flexi pype) to HKS exhaust HKS turbo timer Big 16G Blitz BOV Voodoo Boost controller Nice Wide Intercooler front and rear strut braces. BC coilovers SOLD SOLD SOLD
  11. Wanted
    Require full set of valves (plus retainer clips) for Evo 6 CP9A 4G63 Engine. Plus a Valve spring compressor if anyone has one selling cheap?
  12. Wanted
    As in the title, I am after an Evo 8 4G63 Forged crate engine, new. If increased displacement better, must be a bargain. :smthumbupThanks
  13. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    FOR SALE :mitsi: EVO DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse 4x4 2.0 16V Turbo - USA Model Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Strong 4G63T 6 bolt. Engine AS Mitsubishi EVO 4g63t but "MUCH STRONGER". Strong Gearbox 23 spline W5M33-2-NPXV. Strong 4-bolt Rear differential...
1-13 of 13 Results