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  1. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    Very, very sadly for sale as a 90%-finished project. I have built this over the last 2 years and have put my heart and soul and every spare penny into it. Recently I've been having problems with a driveline issue and it has now sapped the motivation from me to the point I can't continue with it...
  2. Tyres / Wheels
    400/400 seems to be quite popular, just wondering is that 400bhp at the engine or at the wheels as in Oz all the dyno figures are awkw? My 9 has 211awkw so how much is that after all the variables? Cheers
  3. Engine / Turbo
    Hi everyone. Am close to buying a new set of cams on my e7 fq300, and was wondering about a couple of things. Am trying to reach 400bhp 1) Will I need it remapped after? my performance spec running at 372bhp currently; ss exhaust manifold and elbow, downpipe and decat, japspeed induction...
  4. Private Sales - Cars
    CAR NOW SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately the time has come to sell my EVO :cry: EVO VIII tuned to 400bhp I bought the car as standard in 2006 and have done all of the modifications. I paid £12,000 and I have spent £15,000 on sensible mods over the last...
1-4 of 4 Results