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  1. Newbie
    Hi All! Finally pulled the trigger and get myself my first Evo! Picked up this lovely MR FQ-360 this weekend from another forum member. I know it's new to me but my god does it put a massive...
  2. Private Sales - Cars
    Hi - I've ordered a new car which will be delivered in a few months and I'm torn whether to keep hold of my favourite car (probably ever) or reluctantly sell it now, knowing I probably wouldn't ever get another one like it! So I figure the best way to make a decision (and gauge interest) is to...
  3. Wanted
    Wanted used EVO X FQ330/360: HKS exhaust / downpipe - purchased HKS racing suction premium kit - purchased HKS intercooler hardpipe kit - still needed
1-3 of 3 Results