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My new Evo 6 RS from SVA Imports

*** Small update, car is sold to a random chap from UK :-P ***

So, after 2 seasons of happy track days in my Evo 5, I thought to myself: “why not upgrade?”
When I bought my actual track day car, the Evo 5 GSR, I upgraded from a Toyota AE86. Back then my thoughts were like “what if it’s unpleasant to drive a boring 4WD on track?” “what if I don’t enjoy driving it?”
After 2 years of great fun on tracks like Spa, the Nurburgring, Anneau du Rhin,… I have to say I’m really pleased with how the Evo drives on tracks. After lots of experimenting with spring rates and geometry setups, I really like the car. But why buy another Evo?
As I’ve recently sold my AE86, I started searching the car sites for an Evo 5 RS or 6 RS, simply because they are the best looking Evos, period! And I can simply swap most of my performance parts from my actual Evo 5 GSR. So I searched the forums, but only found some heavy modded stuff for sale, searched more and found collectors cars for insane money. So I contacted 2 importers in the UK. [email protected] Imports responded like instantly, and informed me that they had 2 Evo 5’s on display, and two more at the port in Dover. I focused on a 17’000km Evo 5 RS but was too slow. This one was sold to fast.
After a lot of chatting and emailing with SVA Imports, lots of requested pictures were taken for me and I finally paid a deposit on an “unseen” car! As I knew John from his Evobreakers days and since he has always been a well reputed member and trader on MLR, I trusted his words, and wasn’t disappointed at all.
So, let the trip begin. It’s like the 6th Evo we buy from the UK, which means ferry and hotel bookings were quickly made. 3 copilots were easily organized, and off we went. As always in the trusty Subaru Impreza Diesel.

4 hours later we arrived at the Dunkerque ferry port

After 2 hours of channel crossing, we checked in at the hotel and did some sight-seeing before dinner and whiskey

The next morning we headed to SVA imports without any breakfast. (Sorry to all brits, but what you call a breakfast just can’t be eaten in the morning lol)
We were warmly welcomed by John and got a, much needed, huge cup of coffee. John really is a very helpful guy, responding to so many questions and with a huge Evo background. SVA really did a good thing to hire someone like him!
All clean my potential new car waited for me.

On simple request the car was put on one of their lifts to inspect the underside and all the mechanical areas of this car. These fresh Japanese imports are just in such a better state than 95% of all UK and European cars, unbelievable! Everything was really good on this car and exactly as described by John and Raef in the mails. Everything is straight, rust free, cleaned,... just a cigarette burn in the drivers seat. But they even send me a picture of the burn in advance. So I knew it was there. And btw, these RS seats really are as uncomfy and useless as they look. They even treated and waxoiled the underside area above the tank when they fitted the fuel pump for me

After some more inspections, questions and chatting we went on a drive. Lots of things feel so much tighter, better, newer than on my actual GSR. I really wasn’t disappointed at all and just had a bit of paperwork to do. And an hour later all was good and we headed back to the ferry port to get back home.

I’m now looking forward to start modifying this car and swapping my performance parts,…
Big thanks to my buddies Tom, Mich and Alain for coming along with me on this trip and of course to John at SVA imports. I read quite a few varying reviews on SVA on the internet, but I can highly recommend them!
Humble Evo 5 from Luxembourg

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Looking like a good Example of an 6 RS What are your plans for it?
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That is one clean 6RS.

Well done with the purchase.
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Looks mint and great write up too
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Stunning mate and looks well worth the trip
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You must be pleased, looks mint.
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Wow very nice! Grats on the purchase

My TME progress & track day thread:
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[email protected] Imports
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Thank you very much for your write up Bob, i cant express how much it makes my job worth while.

I really appreciate you comments.

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Excellent write up and feedback
[email protected]

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Nice write up and a very nice looking 6RS.
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nice too hear a good write up about someone, most people only ever chirp up when they want to complain
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Looks great! As said nice to see someone praising excellent service.
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Good write up pal nice read.are those e8 wheels?
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All the best with your new car .. Good feedback for sva.
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Stunning car! Congrats and enjoy it in good health.

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