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Evo 7 centre diff clearance data ?

I've found the gearbox clearance on workshop manual 22.50 but can't seem to find info on the acd I'm looking for crown and pinion clearances and clutch pack tollarance thanks in advance
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Found this for RS diff but I'm gonna try with the ayc diff see what happens lol

Hope this helps some one out I'll update after I have installed

1. Remove the cover.
2. Hold the special tool in a vise, and install the differential
carrier assembly to the special tool.
1. With the drive pinion locked in place, use a dial gauge
to measure the drive gear backlash in four or more places
on the drive gear.
Standard value: 0.11 - 0.16 mm
2. If the backlash is not within the standard value, adjust
the final drive gear backlash. (Refer to P.27B-49.)
3. After the adjustment, inspect the drive gear tooth contact.
1. Measure the drive gear runout at the shoulder on the
reverse side of the drive gear.
Limit: 0.05 mm
2. When runout exceeds the limit value, check for foreign
object between drive gear rear side and differential case,
or for loose drive gear installation bolts.
3. When check (2) gives normal results, reposition drive
gear and differential case and remeasure.
4. If adjustment is impossible, replace differential case, or
replace drive gear and pinion as a set.

Adjust drive gear backlash as follows:
1. Assemble the differential case with the side bearing outer
race to the gear carrier.
2. Press the differential case to one side to measure the
clearance of the side bearing outer race and the gear
3. Select two pairs of the side bearing spacer with the thickness
derived from the sum of the clearance and a half of pre-load,
0.05 mm.
4. Remove the side bearing with special tools.
Hook the claws of the special tool with the side bearing
inner race by using the notches (two areas) of the LSD
case side.
5. Assemble the selected side bearing spacers to each side.
6. Use special tools to press-fit the side bearing inner case
into the LSD case. After installing the outer race, assemble
the LSD case to the gear carrier.
7. Align the mating marks of differential carrier and the bearing
cap with each other to tighten to the specified torque.
Tightening torque: 37 ± 2 N·m
8. Measure the drive gear backlash.
Measure at four points or more on the circumference
of the drive gear.
Standard value: 0.11 - 0.16 mm
9. If the backlash is not within the standard value, move the
side bearing spacer as shown in the illustration to adjust
the backlash.
The increment of side bearing spacer must be coincided
with the decreased amount
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