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Biro sex story

I’ve not been on here for ages but years ago there was a story about a member who met a girl who was into being drawing with a pen has anyone. Got a link or remember the thread? I was trying to tell some mates but could t remember it properly...
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Barry P.
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It was Kins and his kinky bird who he met, it’s in the Chit chat section, do a search on internet dating.
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Thanks I can’t see it as I don’t pay anymore...
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Tom Dick
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OK I was telling Kosta this story on MSN and he insists I post it up on here. I kind of wanted to when it happened but held back.

I've recently been trying out these internet dating websites. This particular story is about someone I met on a well known free dating website.

OK here goes...

So I met a good looking girl on the site.. we converse and send each other a couple of emails.

We swap phone numbers.

Flirty texts commence.

Texts get filthy...really filthy (I wasn't the one who initiated the dirty texts but I was enjoying it and played along )

This progressed to phone sex before we had even met. Again... this is something I just went along with... it was fun

Well anyways we arrange a date and she drives over...

She meets me at mine and the plan is to go into town for some drinks and a bite to eat.

She arrives... she's absolutely gorgeous and sparks are flying.
A few drinks at mine before we go out (well that was the plan).. let's just say neither of us wanted to leave the house.

We end up in the bedroom....(now here is where it gets weird and wonderful)

This girl has a fettish for Biro's... yes Biro's... wait... not like that... she likes the feeling of being drawn on... OK so I think this is weird but at the same time different and pretty cool so I go with it and draw on her.

It gets rough.... ( I had bruises for a week). She liked been pinned down.... nothing too strange here I hear you say... well how many girls do you know that liked to be strangled during sex?! Yes you heard me right.... you've seen that film Rising Sun? Well if you have you know what I mean.

OK so if that is not weird enough... she looks me in the eye and says "I love you"... not in the sense... "I'm really loving the sex" but in the sense... " I'm in love with you and I'm telling you I love you".... I don't know what to say... I don't love this girl... this is our first date! (OK I'm a bad man... I had sex with a girl I didn't love... I'm expecting crap from the women on here for this). So anyways I don't say anything.

I don't need to go into detail on much else.... we go to sleep.

The next day we wake up... we both have work and get up and go.

She's quiet with me... no texts which was unusual.
I text her to see how she is.
She says she's upset.
I ask why.
She says because I don't love her.
I say I REALLY like her and want to tell her I love her when I know.
She flips out...
She then says "well to be honest I wasn't feeling it"
I say " let me get this straight... you sleep with me on the first date... we have really passionate... kinky sex (biro's strangling etc)... you tell me you love me... I don't say it back... and now you tell me you weren't feeling it!!"
She says "**** you!"

And that's about it... she doesn't want to see me again and ignors me!

WTF is that all about?! I mean seriously?!!!

I've told my mates this story and I'm now known as "The Boston Strangler"!

I have to laugh... I'm sure all you lot are!

I hope you have enjoyed the story.

P.S. Yes I have pictures of her... no I won't post them... Kosta has seen them and he tells me to put that he rates her 9.5 / 10.
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... now with more Bang :)
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it was the best read on here - I always wondered it must have been a nightmare getting the biro all off!

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