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Disc and pad suggestions

As title states. What do people recommend? Not wanting to break the bank but understand you get what you pay for. Road use only, mildly tuned evo 8. Thanks in advance
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I would recommend MTec discs. Used to run them on my previous Evo IX with no issues and have used several different pad compounds with them.

For road use I used first a set of XP8 - which squealed and dusted a bit too much for a daily driver, then a set of Orange Stuff, which were OK, then latterly a set of Project mu HC800+ which were a brilliant set of pads for fast road work mixed with daily driving.

I also used the same discs on track but swapped the pads for Carbon Lorraine CL5 (iirc) - these were an awesome combination and totally resistant to fade despite the heat burning the paint on my wheels and turning it from silver to a brown-ish silver in the centre cap area of the wheel. Pretty awesome that a set of "low end" discs can withstand such heat cycles and abuse and still perform next day on daily drive with pads swapped back to HC800+. No warping issues or judder.

I also put my money where my mouth is here, and have a set of MTec grooved and dimpled discs waiting to be fitted to my VI along with new project mu NS400 front pads.

As for pads - my own sweet spot is the HC800+, but I'm trying the less expensive NS400 this time around on my slightly lighter and slightly less powerful VI.
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Thanks for that. Appreciate it, I was a bit lost with it all but that’s been a big help ����
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God speed have a good rep. I have their rear discs and pads fitted at the moment and I'm about to fit their front discs aswell. Good quality, guarantee on warping etc and painted centre hats. Worth a look.
Have also heard good on mtec discs aswell but have no personal experience with them.

Cheers Aj
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