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Cpp customer feedback

Thinking of using Cpp then see below what members of the MLR have to say about us....

Originally Posted by InsBro View Post
Thanks to Gaz & Olly @ CPP

They had my IX in yesterday for a small service & to fit me some coilovers

Top job as always!

Full geo done after a road test to get the new suspension to settle.

First reports from the suspension will follow in technical
Originally Posted by old_skool View Post
Many thanks to Gaz, Olly and Andy F at CPP for the rodjob'd engine and extra bits i had done at same time on my Evo 8 260

Brilliant service, gaz advised me during the work of bits and pieces that could do with sorting and always seeked my approval before going ahead and doing something.

I will post up some pics that Gaz & Co took during the Rodjob to show what gets undertaken.

I will definately be going back when i need extra bits. Save me a HKS 7460 Gaz
Originally Posted by Kinchy View Post
Big thanks to Gary and co at CPP yet another routine service carried out, also replaced rear disc's and pads......great service and value for money as always.

Thanks again
Originally Posted by 2star View Post
Big thanks to the guys at cpp for the great work again on fitting my k-sport brake upgrade
Awesome service as per ususal and the kettle was used this too

Cheers again guys

Originally Posted by kentb View Post
iv just picked up my car from Gaz @ CPP. Gaz has fitted forged conrods, new 750cc injectors and a brand new HKS gt2 turbo kit with a remap...
Car was a 400bhp 8mr before, exhaust etc... Drives like a completely different car, very happy with how it is now...
hopefully get involved on some more sprints maybe next year
big thanks to az at CPP, more than happy with how hes been prepared to go the extra mile..
Originally Posted by Adammr530 View Post
BIG thanks to gaz and the lads at cpp for all the work that they have done on my evo in the last few weeks.What a nice drive home car feels fantastic.
Originally Posted by majida View Post
great parts no hassle, cheap and always a helping hand when needed
Originally Posted by HPWJman View Post
Thanks to Gaz for the quality standard of work carried out on my pal's Evo - as per usual all with sound advice and a total no BS approach

My mate was more than made up with the price of the job & the CPP outfit/service. At least my tea bill was added onto my mate's bill this time round

No doubt I'll be speaking to thee soon for something Teapot I
Originally Posted by Grant620 View Post
Cheers Gary for the Rack.
Ordered, paid and delivered in double quick time
Originally Posted by philip2 View Post
big thanks for gaz for fitting rear diff, ayc, f-r brakes lines and tracking. couldnt be anymore helpfull and quick too.

top man
Originally Posted by MidnightE6 View Post
Where to start really?

Dropped my car off to CPP for some work while i went on holiday.

When i was abroad i was worrying a little about a few problems that may occur including OE recirc valve , fuel pump and MAF.

I was kept upto date with how the main work was going as well as a few other items that i had thought of swapping anyway.

Well monday Gaz got back to me and told me that the car still had a OE fuel pump on

I replied back to him about how much to supply a fuel pump and fit. This was around 6.15pm.

Roughly 10.00am the next morning i got a pm from Gaz @ CPP with what truely is staggering..

... He had already sourced and fitted the fuel pump and only added a small amount for the doing so

Well i landed back in the UK late last night and collected the car roughly 55minutes ago and what can i say other than WOW.

Truely transformed the car , much smoother , alot quicker, stops much better and just a better car full stop.

Not only did Gaz source the parts needed while i was away he also did it all for what was an amazing price as i was on a tightish budget.

From brakes to ecu , engine internals to air filter CPP have transformed my car!!

Anyone thinking of getting any work done to there much loved Evolution , CPP is a must contact company great prices, great service to friendly no BS advise.

THANKYOU and will see you again soon
Originally Posted by Kezzo80 View Post
Picked my car up from Gaz @ CPP today after a rod conversion and various other bits n bobs and I must say big thanks to him and the lads there for doing a sterling job

Took the car out for a extended run and it goes very well indeed. I'd hate to think what a 450+ car feels like

See you in a month or two for my next round of mods!


Originally Posted by henners View Post
Thankyou Gary for sorting me out with a mint Evo VI RS enjoying it so much ive forgot to leave you some feedback. Great bloke who will go out of his way to help you out
Originally Posted by xs View Post
Massive thank you to CPP

I went a few weeks ago to have my HSD HR coilovers fitted & geometry done.

They were fitted ok but I was advised that one or two of the camber (iirc) bolts were seized.

To keep me mobile, he'd sprayed them with something to try & loosen them & said if I returned in a weeks time, he'd do the geometry then but make sure he had replacement arms to hand, just in case the bolts snapped.

To be honest, I was very happy with this solution. Too many garages/traders would attempt the job & then "oops, bolt's snapped..." leaving you with no car & a long journey home

I couldn't get time off work so I went back last Wed (1st June - approx 3 weeks later). The bolts didn't snap & the geometry was done

However, on the way to CPP, I'd thought my exhaust sounded like it was blowing so I asked, while it was in the air, if they'd check the exhaust too. Turned out the standard downpipe was blowing by the flexi

The good news was that Gaz had a 3 inch downpipe on the shelf & at a good price fitted, so that was done while I was there

I couldn't believe the difference in turbo spool on the drive home, just from the downpipe It felt an animal compared to how it had been before.

Thanks guys for putting up with me (I know I can talk a lot) , & thanks for the great service & prices
Originally Posted by Mark_RS View Post
Many thanks to gaz at CPP motor developments..

Took the 7RS in for a 1st stage remap, fuel pump and he diagnosed two faulty coil packs which he fixed aswell....

fitted me in when i wanted to take it, no problems what so ever!

Well impressed with how smooth the car now feels, and boost comes on so early aswell out of corners... job well done mate! even had a 90 mile detour via the cat and fiddle road and derbyshire dales on the way home to have a little play

Cheers Gaz
Originally Posted by THE 905S View Post
Just like to say thank you for the deals you have been doing me mate

Bought a 5 speed gearbox of Gaz freshly rebuilt and is spot on. Would recommend anybody who is after parts. I've had a few bits from him and by far the best person you can deal with.

Will be back soon Gaz

Thanks mate much appreciated

Originally Posted by evostew View Post
I must thank Gaz and everyone at Cpp for their work on my car. Never have I found a team so patient, knowledgable and gifted they have worked for some considerable time fixing all my issues and getting it through the Mot and back to a road worthy condition!

I cannot recommend them enough and if you get the opportunity to use them do you will not be disappointed.

A big thank you
Originally Posted by jawadarif View Post
Big thank to gaz for fixing me evo 7. Well spotted when he said it was the transfer box.. Went to a few other garage before and all were saying gearbox. So book it in for gearbox with gaz but pointed out it was the diff, job fix, nice one
Originally Posted by evo8bikerAl View Post
Just wanted to big thx Gaz picked evo9 lights today and very happy with quality, used parts in excellent condition buy with confidence
Originally Posted by matyj View Post
After not long purchasing my evo I thought I best to get it in to someone who knows what they're looking at to give it the once over. I took a drive up to CPP today and after an inspection on the ramp it was visually given the ok. I mentioned a few other things to Gaz and after a quick drive he returned and put my mind to rest about the few small noises I noticed. He did identify another issue, the timing being out on the balance shaft. I nothiced the car did get abit mad when your working the revs but just put this done as an evo quirk. Luckily I managed to get the work done whilst I was there and a couple of hours later the job was done.

I couldn't beleive the difference in the car on the way home! It pulls so much smoother it's unreal. And to think a dealer left it like this after replacing the belts!! Big thanks to the guys at CPP and I know where I'll be getting my work done in the future
Originally Posted by Bigmac2504 View Post
Ordered a few bits from gaz some bits big what can I say everything was spot on parts were very cheap for the quality of the items fast postage

Overall very very happy now what else can I buy from you lol

Cheers gaz
Originally Posted by JJ 1646 View Post
Just like to say thanks to the guys for doing the 18k service on my evo, very happy and also to find my light switch fixed and a replacement rear brake calliper spring fitted all included in the amazing price!

Cheers guys!!!
Visit Cpp motor developments forum section Here

Visit Cpp motor developments face book page

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Fantastic service once again

The car cut out last thursday evening ,the aa came out ,had spark ,all fuses ok ,turned over ok ,injectors not switching.spoke to gaz he reckoned crank sensor and as it costs me 150 for a flat bed from wolves to sandbach gaz said leave it with me.Gaz then called me to say if i was free sunday dinner time he then came to collect the car sunday with a race shuttle ,i was well impressed once again with cpp,s service, i decided to get all belts changed for piece of mind ,along with alignment ,crank sensor changed and suspention adjusted i cannot fault cpp and can recommend to anyone ,well chuffed
Serviced and maintaned by [email protected]
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Big thanks to cpp motor development

Big thanks to the lads at cpp motor development, been using cpp ever since picking up my evo 8 around 6 months ago, (servicing, new discs and pads, then issue with turbo intake pipe) and today they've salvaged my new discs by skimming them up after i manged to cook my new pads after sum hard braking leaving sticky pad residue all over the discs, giving terrible vibration under braking. A quick skim and sum new ferodo ds3000 pads which better suite my driving and the difference is unbelievable. i would recommend cpp to any one, these lads certainly know there stuff, there happy to help out, and good at what they do. That's why ill keep using them time and time again.
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Cant fault the lads at cpp, allways a helping hand evan on a sunday lol
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What kind of skimming machine does CPP use. Is skimming done with the discs on or off the car?
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Originally Posted by plip1953 View Post
What kind of skimming machine does CPP use. Is skimming done with the discs on or off the car?
Give gaz call mate , he tell you everything you need to know. You not talk to a nicer guy
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Originally Posted by barneyboo View Post
Give gaz call mate , he tell you everything you need to know. You not talk to a nicer guy
Just make sure its after 10.00am. ( Joking )
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Originally Posted by MidnightE6 View Post
Just make sure its after 10.00am. ( Joking )
10.30 now, he that good he fixing cars in his sleep
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MidnightE6 (16-08-2012)
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Cpp - Proved i made right choice

I just wanted to really thank you for all the help you gave me and my friend...

As a few of you know times were hard for me and had bad luck that came in 3

About a 6weeks ago my house was broken in to and car was stolen, anyway lucky for me car was found with no damaged and only ran for next to no miles. My clutch was ni-on slipping on return.

Due to my mum been ill, i needed a garage i could trust and get no hassle as i didnt need any more stress,i just needed somewere i could drop the car off and leave, just forget bought it till its done

So Gaz and I spent time chatting to what my needs and plans were for the cars future.

clutch decided, and booked in.

Dropped car off at cpp, had a good chat with Gaz face to face for good amount time - which he didnt have to do.

i said id leave the car and for him to do it just when ever, couple days later i get the call cars done mate , holy cow wasnt expecting that quick

he had also checked over the car for me and found no issues, again he didnt need to do.

so whilst the car just sat at cpp waiting for me to collect , i thought i give Gaz more work, fit me new rear discs and pads please

later that day goes jobs done - wtf - suppose to be fit in job Gaz ,i seen how busy he was when i dropped car off but as Gaz said tho, i quoted no stress no hassle - and he kept to that 100 million percent

Another call 10 mins later to him

me - any anti roll bars Gaz ?
Gaz - yup
Me - get them fitted
Gaz - you need battery first , bloody thing
me - ok i have one those aswell

Day after get the call again - Done ,

This is super fast service,no hassle,polite,no bull so far - at this point im well impressed.

i call Cpp a fair few times over the next few days - only for gaz to be on the other end, taking time to talk me through things even tho i could hear it in his voice he was very busy.

monday morning comes and im bored at work so i call gaz again ,

can you do me belts and all the fluids?

Once again yup no problems.

i just wanted to thank you very much for all the time and help you gave on the phone and doing my car.

Gaz didnt know me from adam, but yet he offered to help me when i needed it.
he supplied the ultimate service experience,customer service was outstanding,again all the calls he took from me and spent time explaining i can not thank him enough.

like most on here, taking your pride and joy to a garage who you dont know is sometimes nerveracking - but gaz proved i made the right choice, he proved to me he worthy off working on my evo

another thankyou aswell - for taking time to have a look at my friend scooby poo, again you didnt need to

For anyone who reads this and is looking for a evo specialist to look after there car - look no further than cpp. your evo is in safe hands.

call Gaz and you know what i mean just by chatting to the guy.

Gaz thankyou very much , if your ever in sheffield beers on me, but i know my money safe cause your always working .

just in case anyone wants to know - work carried out

exedy twin plate
front and rear anti roll bars
balancer and cambelt - tensioners/pulleys
all oils - inc gearbox/diff
genuine parts used
rear brakes and pads

i done 200 mile in the car from picking it up, stalled the car once - infront off 30 cyclists

most important - car starts everytime now, dont need to jump it
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Glad something's finally going right for you!
Evolved to ///M4CP
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Originally Posted by MarkM View Post
Glad something's finally going right for you!
Thanks mark, me too mate...
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I have been going to CPP for the past 6 years mate...never let me down once, service is always spot on (as are the endless cups of tea)

He will go out of his for anyone and come rain or shine, day or night is always there if you need help or advice.

I must owe him a complete brewery the amount of times he has helped me/pulled me out of the shatt

Cant recommend Gaz and Olly enough to anyone!

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Same here, endless help with info and any work needed doing to my car, the lads at Cpp are great
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A big big thanks once again to Gaz and Olly at Cpp for my fast road power upgrade rod job and HKS 7460R turbo along with K'sport 8 pot calipers and a few other bits. I would recommend this upgrade to any one, and who better to do it than CPP. I cant recommend these lads enough, they do a fantastic job and are excellent at what they do, they are always happy to help even if it is only advise you are after. They never let you waste your money on parts you don't need or wont make any difference to performance. They always do there best to get your car back to you in the quickest time possible even if it means working late into the night. Also a big thanks to Andy Fox for remapping my car. the map is so smooth but at the same time savage. Its allot better than my previous map and despite bigger turbo, bigger injectors etc... Its better on fuel? Andy certainly lives up to his reputation. So thanks once again CPP for excellent service as usal
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Now thats what i like to hear fella!..sounds like you have got a right weapon there fella ! (the Evo i mean)
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