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EVO 3 RS or GSR Chassis plate ID

Hey all or whom maybe able to assist,
So I have a EVO 3 which is puzzling me. Bought in from Jap by others many years ago and now in my shed in Aust.
(note I have read in detail previous threads which has been very helpful, thanks to the author(s))._

Now Chassis number is as follows CE9A 0103200 and that aligns with Chassis / Manufacturers plate. From there i have SNDF which indicates it is an RS (or body at least). It comes up in a few parts online pages as Lancer - SNDF RS Evolution -2/3, 5FM/T Competition.
Furthermore on the plate is Option code 1UO which i don't know what that stands for?
Followed by Ext W83 (Scotia white) - which is right for an RS, and Interior 06X.

BUT.... my body has rear antenna, not front pillar antenna, GSR internal trim, (had AC & ABS) including cut out to the inner left guard below PS reservoir, elec windows etc etc.
Now i can confirm chassis number panel has not been altered. Plus there has never been a cut out in pillar for front mount antenna.

To add a bit more, a friend has 2x E3 RS's (one a factory prepped ralli-art car with full FIA docs and GroupN rally docs, and the other road delivered RS). So i am using these cars as a reference point as well.
His tags say the same EXCEPT for Option code being 000.

So what is Option code 1UO referring too i ask? as my E3 body resembles a GSR not RS.

For the record i also have a E2, and that has the correct SNGF for the GSR body and trim is sports.

Thanks in advance.
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It is very strange as all RS i saw( I have a 3rs) got no rear wiper and pillar antenna on the driver side roof. Your sure the firewall and VIN tag all look original and not tampered?One other way to see the RS body is the RS boot trim, RS dont come with the holes to install the back trim piece( the one at the rear below the boot weatherstrip)
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I compiled the list of option codes above. The option code of 1U0 doesn't give you any GSR items, just the front LSD and Cold Zone package (essentially an upgraded heater, ducts to the rear floor, different weatherstripping, different wipers, a higher capacity battery, etc). My RS has the same option code and it's just like any other RS.

By all respects, your car sounds like it's a GSR. It's known by the factory as an RS and the data tag says RS, but everything about it is GSR. I highly doubt anyone would go through the trouble of converting an RS to full GSR spec, making it convincing enough that nobody would be able to notice. The ABS, A/C and climate control conversion are a pain, plus you would need an entire parts car (including doors). I don't think the factory would make that kind of mistake, because everything is assembled according to what the order sheet tells them to do. The VIN is stamped before the paint is applied and before anything is bolted on, so it gets assembled according to that.

The likeliest explanation is that somebody has changed the serial number. Truth be told, it's not that hard. The data plate swaps over with just a pair of rivets, and the stamps to carve out the number can be purchased, so it's just a matter of covering up the old serial number.
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