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Looking for an evo for 6K, what can i expect to get for my money?

Hey guys, ive been saving up for a while and have managed to scrape together 6k to spend on and evo. Im based in the northwest area.*

So I have a couple of questions.

What can i expect to get for 6k? (ideally after an evo 6)

Are there any for sale don't mind traveling?

Has anyone had any experience with*xtreme karz*in Bradford?

Ive built a few mx3 v6's and 335i e30's in the past but am new to evo's is there anything car spacific that i would need to look out for?

Cheers Boomer
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I would personally buy from one of guys how has a good reputation on here or get some good advice first b4 you jump in mate

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£6k will get you a rough car with loads of rust underneath. You're better off waiting and spending a bit more or you'll spend the same again fixing it up, you get what you pay for, semi tidy VI's start at £8k.

If you decide to view any check the MOT history (although some rotten cars that I've viewed over the years have had no advisories for rust yet when checked underneath they had rust and holes all over there are some with Mickey Mouse MOT's on some cars) take someone who knows these cars, most have now been caked with loads of underseal to hide the poor state they are underneath.
Other issue to look for is some sellers removing the AYC Bulb or fuse.

There are a lot of dodgy dealers around, do a search on here or google any names before going.
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Totally second that emotion from the man above i fell short with ny EVO cost me 3.5 k to put right was a complete bag of **** 6 years ago and that was from a garage which u would expect to be semi decent it had bulbs missing and ****ed gearbox .

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Don't take this the wrong way but if 6 grand is what you've saved then maybe think about a different car. 13 years and over 170,000 miles seat time and working on them daily it ain't the buying it's the running after that costs.
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This, eBay item # 322339865935
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I'd be inclined to agree with the above comments. I managed to get my hands on a very solid V with an 8 engine for a tiny bit more than that, from a trader on here who looked after me but it did need work which I knew about in advance. I ended up spending 5k when I first got the car but a lot of that wasn't necessary. I had the car fully resprayed for one but it didn't really need to be done. The paint work was a little untidy but it wasn't all that bad. The car has only let me down once due to wiring on the alternator but haven't had to spend anything maintainance wise. I don't do the mileage.

It all depends on what it's going to be used for too. If it's a daily drive, I'd be inclined to spend more on a car that is of course rust free and hasn't done quarter of a million miles. If it's going to be a weekend car however, you'd probably get away with it.

I've spent a lot on my V but on the other hand, paid nearly 3 times as much for my TME and apart from servicing it and doing the timing belt, I've not spent a sausage in nearly 2 years.
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I'll sell you a track focussed evo 4 for £5k cash. Its MOT'd, just having a small crack welded up (apparently common on the IV's) but apart from that its in very good condition, and has an evo 8 engine. Ive had six evos over the years now since 1999-2000. £6k will buy you a reasonable 4, a crap 5, a sh*t 6. Check insurance costs. Remember the service interval of every 4500 miles so an oil/filter change and then theres fuel cost. Not the cheapest car to run.
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Think you will need to up the budget nowadays for a V or VI check out this thread and see what's involved in a 'recent' import for 6.5K


Captain Mike is offering a good deal on that IV I reckon since it's had some of the work/pitfalls sorted.
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