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Where did you/do we start? Got to start somewhere

I'm new to Japanese cars and evos as every single member of this forum once was, I with other new evo owners and forum members will go into the search bar and type in the most basic of searches as we are trying to learn as much as we can about the cars we own,

As an example recently I've taken an interest in engine management so I search evo 4 ecu upgrade and up comes a lot of threads some nothing to do with it but has keywords mentioned which is fine but then I find an in depth post! This is were it gets interesting but equally frustrating at the same time, I'm reading through and there are so many technical terms thrown around it's unreal, tephra, roms, ecuflash, mods, uiei or something like that?

Now this is brill but you guy's already know this so for me to read it I'm not really getting anywhere, is there a dummies way in or an explanation post somewhere with jargon busters? Break down of why people swap ECU, what a flash is, from is mod is?

I wouldn't expect you for one second to to explain yourselves during your posts, that's your post you have a goal/target in mind and need to press on without daft questions being asked but that leaves us with the daft questions out, how did you pick it up? I'm assuming all together back then when the questions weren't daft but the next level to understanding?

One thing I don't get is why would anyone swap a 280bhp ECU with a 7 260bhp ecu?

Can a new comer buy the evoscan gear and successfully upgrade his ECU with promising results?

Which ecu fit what car plug and play?

Did the 3 to 4 plug harnesses get made in the end?

Are standard ecu even a patch on the likes of link ecus?

Thanks for any input
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Standard ECUís are not a patch on the like of Link, Motec, Syvecs or most aftermarket options etc.

The BHP associated with a stock ECU is irrelevant once mapped therefore 260/280/300 etc is just what the map is on that particular ECU. All it is is a PCB which you can alter by flashing/mapping to whatever you want.

People with 4/5/6ís used to change to 7/8 ECUís as no one used to know how to map the older ones until some clever cookies eventually worked it out. The newer ECUís have a few different features also.

Best option will always be aftermarket ECU mapped by an EVO specialist. Itís not something you can just DIY.

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The Evo 4 ECU isn't very easy at all to remap, people switch to the Evo 5 or 6 and sometimes to the Evo 7.
The main reasons for choosing those are the wiring is pretty much identical, they have the correct wiring plugs to match the Evo 4, you change a couple of wires and job done.

Later ECU's don't have matching wiring, so they're not so easy to install and run.

Flash means writing new parameters to the ECU, usually the map is contained in a file, you upload that to the ECU and your car has been 'remapped' often for more power or whatever.

Rom is the file you upload to the ECU

mods is modifications, any physical changes to the vehicle or software changes to the ECU data. Some people swap ECU files around, they can be specific for certain modifications to the car or can have some map changes (like pops and bangs on overrun)

Link ECU's are fully standalone systems, usually tons better than the standard ECU that comes in the car and certainly better than the standard on in a Evo 4.
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You could try


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Thanks for the information guys, just before I set out to work I found a thread which had a link to another thread etc, I eventually came across a very in depth 172 page write up about ecus that someone has put together, I've attached a picture of what I mean, it refers to 7,8,9 but I will learn a lot from this
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Once you start modifying you will never stop. I started with an exhaust and an air filter for my Evo 5 in 19999. Then an ECU. Then a forged motor with a big valve gas flowed head and different cams and a GT3071 turbo. Quick but a GT35R HTA pushed her over 600bhp. That was fun but after a life changing experience NR Autosport kindly fitted a full race 2.37 long rod stroker. Full boost from just over 3000rpm and revs to 8500. Torque monster. Too many other mods to list! Interior, body and wheels original. It looks like any other well used Evo5...
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