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Hey kikiturbo.

I think you hit the money. My belief is the clutches are not being released.

One thing I did notice. Right after get the car back on the road after the puncture, the clutches remained engaged right up to a fall stop. Felt like being in first gear in a manual and bring the car to a stalling stop.

Drove the car for six hours straight, very next day the car seem to sort it self out?

This brings me to a question? Does the sst transmission self learn?

Right after trying a teach-in, the clutch remained engaged when bringing the car to a full stop.

Definitely believe a full teach-in will help if not fix allot of the issues.

Got in touch with Auto torque, pretty busy down there. hoping to get the car over to them next two weeks.

Will carry out some logs this weekend and possibly give the excess oil removal a go.
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you might have had a bad teach in that led to you having clutch engagd at idle..

I am not sure that it self learns.. might be..

just take that plug behind the driveshaft out but I dont think half a litre or a litre of fluid in excess will give you trouble
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Out of interest, has the car had an engine re-map? And if so by whom? There is a good reason for my question.
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I suspect that it is not the SST box but some ancillary sensor that is feeding the ECU. Like a previous poster stated, other things can make the box do funny things, especially when it is fed with incorrect info from the ECU. Maybe you damaged an ABS sensor or something else came loose??
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jen evo
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Just curious have you put led bulbs in the rear at all? I did this and my gearbox also sst started doing wierd stuff

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cheers gareth
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In order for teach-in to be performed some conditions must be met so maybe this is why it failed clutch ventilation.

Conditions to meet for teach in:
- Transmission fluid temperature between 65C and 87 deg. C
- Engine on, idling
- Transmission in Park
- Parking brake fully engaged
- Brake pedal depressed

There are two sequences. Pls see below and make sure those are followed and pls perform full teach-in as written below.

Teach-in Sequence:
Clutches only: 1, 7, 4, 5, 8

Full teach-in: 1, 7, 2 - turn off key/ignition, wait 5 sec, restart engine - 1, 7, 4, 5, 8

Usually with fresh SST fluid and teach-in all issues are solved.
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With regards to the self learning, Ive read on American sites thats exactly what they do, and from my experience I believe it to be true. I for my first year or 2 always drove in S-sport, and my reason was simple, whenever I was in normal I felt there was too much slip. I put it down to the power increase, and had read a modified car should always run in Sport or S Sport. But about a year ago I started to look into this self learn, thinking if I drive in S-sport all the time, which gives higher faster clamping forces, the sst ecu probably has no opportunity to learn for slip in normal, for daily drive use

So I from then on just drove in Normal, and for a while it felt wrong, but as time went by, the feel started to improve, and drove as I would have thought it should, and now not only is Normal as i feel it should, but also Sport and S Sport seem to hold better, with no signs of slip on any

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