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Evo dilemma, buy, sell or keep both

So Iíve had my 2 RS for 12 years now, just built a house with a 1 car garage, so she is in there now, just been detailed by myself and looking good for a 24 year old car. But there are things that need doing, such as coilover overhaul, new tyres, fix a few paint defects etc. which means £££ will need to be spent as the mileage is over 124k miles.

I have been offered a yellow 5 gsr with 86k miles for about 3k, and yeah it needs a few things fixing like ayc and bushes etc. but the car has a valid roadworthy inspection certificate till March next year (I live in japan). So that is some money saved. And I know how rare these cars are and have wanted one for a while, but never really thought seriously about buying one.

I also have another baby on the way.

Now that selling up my 2 RS is becoming a possible reality, I donít think I can bring myself to sell her, as I still have so many things I want to fix up on her. And I know I would regret selling her seeing as prices are are on the up as well now as being very rare, especially in such clean condition.

On the other hand, this 5 seems too cheap to pass up and I feel I would regret not taking this chance.

Of course, itís just a car, and family comes first. But if owning 2 evos is a reality on an average salary, and I do most of the work on cars myself.

Should I keep the 2 and work/spend on it. Sell up and buy the 5 to work on. Or keep both haha?!

Any thoughts?

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I would buy the V.

Fix bits up on her

Sell it on

Buy some nice things for the baby/ and or put the money into your children's savings pot
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As above if the V is so cheap buy it anyway. If you decide you don't want to part with your 2RS then sell the V for a small profit
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I would buy the 5 for sure at that money, you can always sell it for a profit. I'm sure you'll be getting offers already for it from folk on here. Hell, even I'd buy it from ya in a few months time if you decide you cannot afford it

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If you can afford to keep both then it's a no brainer & if you need to sell one In the future then once you have worked on the 5 sell it cos it's obvious you love your 2 !! I have had a x a few years ago & have recently purchased a V. Will definitely be holding on to this one !! Unfortunately I'm not so lucky as you is I'm like a cave man with a microwave when it comes to hands on with working on cars or any DIY projects. I have to save money to get a pro to complete any tasks required on my motor !!
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