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Well happy with my Apexi ECU!

Just thought I'd post up how please I am with my Apexi Ecu, in case anybody was considering buying one. Sorry for the essay but I prefer to give the whole story.

The story goes like this, before I became an Evo owner I had a rover with a 2.2 fully forged engine with gas flowed ported head gt3071 garret turbo and just about every toy and upgrade you could possibly imagine including rather nice tall gear ratios, car was only limited by its turbo which was rated at about 450bhp. It's other major fall down was that it was FWD and couldnít handle getting the power down until you were already breaking the speed limit then red lined at some stupid speed (211mph on dyno although only ever drove it to 170mph which was a little bit twitchy bum hole time lol). Eventually I decided that I wanted something that was more useable on road.

I went through a number of options but also had to bear in mind that I have a 2 year old boy and needed to get his Recaro baby seat in the back. After looking at all manor of cars including liners, scoobs, celicas etc etc I settled on an Evo VI. At first I was well chuffed with it, launch was awesome. But I soon started to miss the sheer oomph that the rover had once moving. I set to look into getting more power, I wanted earlier spool up as the Evo seemed a little laggy and slow spooling compared to rover and more grunt further up in the revs range.

I looked into exchange turbos but didnít want to go silly money as I had on the rover so settled on an Evo 9 GT turbo. Then got an Apexi AVCR and a Walbro fuel pump along with an Aeromotive fuel reg. Got those all fitted; to my dismay it actually felt slower than standard although the spool did seem a little earlier. As you can imagine I was gutted. So started looking into a remap so I could happily up the boost and take advantage of the new parts. After many questions I realised that I had two options The Ecutek or an Apexi Ecu and map. Ecutek seemed very expensive considering all they did was map your Ecu and give you a bill for 600 odd quid and you would struggle far beyond 400 BHP at a later date if you wanted due to the maf. Also resale value on an Ecutek was awful. So I had a Chat with Anthony at indigo and we did a deal on an Apexi Powerfc D Jetro. I plumped for retch D Jetro so that at a later date I would not have the Maf issue. The l Jetro was a direct easy fit. The D Jetro was also an easy fit but required some extra sensors to be added but nothing serious to do. I also bought the Commander pro which is a computer software version of the hand held commander used to program the Ecu which gives a lot more control and easier use.

I later found out that I live quite close to Anthony we agreed that Indigo would have some input in the future of my car as he knows I will do what is required to get what I want. Anthony was keen to see it completed so arranged for a map to be done on it at Rampage. The car went up to rampage for them to look into doing it. As they had never mapped an Apexi Ecu before they wanted it for a few days so they could make sure it was perfect. Therefore I left it with them so they could make sure they did a good job.

After a few initial runs and tweaks to get basic running perfect they started to push for the power. From here on in I didn't really hear anything. Then on the Wednesday evening my car was ready to come back home. Anthony and Rob (both from www.indigo-gt.co.uk ) Went and collected the car for me as I had a few issues that needed dealing with back at home. I got a call from Anthony who just said "it's quite a bit quicker m8; I think youíll be very pleased". So I waited for them to arrive at my home.

When they arrived I took it out for a spin with both Anthony and Rob in the car with me. First thing that was immediately noticeable was that it was so much smoother to drive, gear changes were easier and the car just seemed soooooooo much nicer to drive. Low down torque was greatly improved and off throttle response was much nicer. I know it's a bit of a well used phrase, but it really did seem like a totally different car. Already chuffed to beans with what results so far I made my way to a section of nice long road I used to use for giving the rover a blast. I planted my foot to the floor and the Evo leapt immediately into action, the response and boost seemed so much quicker. The car purred along and seemed a lot quicker than it had been before it went. At this point though I must admit I was not quite as happy as I had expected to be after the initial amazement I had had at the cars smooth running and response. Then came the good bit Anthony flicked a button on the Avc-r and said "now try it with some proper boost instead of .8 bar on actuator pressure". on came 1.5bar and she really did fly then. I was well chuffed, every penny well bluddy spent as far as I am concerned. Rampage said that they had backed the map off as I didn't have ARP rod bolts so they weren't happy to give me full power as it were, also they said that my injectors didn't really seem upto the job and were maxing out quite easily so they backed the map off for that too to keep within sensible limits (although they did say that they could up the fuel pressure a little to compensate if needed but they were happy to push for more with standard rod bolts).

I have driven the car like that for some time now and have decided that it's the best bang for buck I have had out of any car part. The Ecu and map didn't really cost much more than an Ecutek (and would have been even closer again if I hadn't have gone D Jetro). The best bit was that when we had the SW RR day at Westec she made 383bhp, which was on a map that had been "backed off".

Downside now is between myself and Indigo we've decided to make it even more driveable on the roads and get more low end torque and top end grunt. So the stroker kit should be here this week sometime and we'll be building that up soon and posting yet more essays on the results on here.

All in all I can't recommend the Apexi Ecu more, I've driven an Evo that had been Ecutek'd and was running 1.6 bar and I don't think it was a touch on mine for driveability let alone all out power. So if you are thinking about an Ecu map DON'T DO IT!!!!! Get in touch with Anthony at www.indigo-gt.co.uk and have a chat about the Apexi power fc. He can do you a cracking deal as he did me I'm sure. You really won't regret it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Anthony and Rob for all their help so far and may we have a very bright business future together which generally means sharpen that pencil Anthony I'm about to start spending because I'm bluddy hooked again !
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Thanks for the feed back Huw, really glad it is going well.


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