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Originally Posted by Cupid Stunt View Post
To come at this from the other side....

I hear 'Petrol head, 'driver's car' and 'gorgeous' in ref. to Alphas a lot, mostly regurgitated, but I just dont see it, in fact, I see the opposite.... For me, most Alphas are just awful in nearly every way (there are of course a few exceptions)!

Yes they have a couple of okay engines (most, once great, but now old hat and uncompetitive), mostly powering the wrong wheels and suspension made from elastic bands and uncoiled slinkies... I am not sure how Alphas can so broadly be described as 'drivers cars' when the majority are the complete opposite: Slow with terrible handling!

On top of this, I find most look unfinished when you get close. Interactions between crucial components, such as exhaust to bumper often dont gel, or the fact that all of the underside gubbins hangs down so much lower than the rear bumper and so viewable from the car behind. Its like the visual design of each component has been undertaken completely independently (and with basic or 'unusual for the sake of it' in mind) of each other and then 'forced' together as an afterthought. Aesthetically, component synergy is way less coherent than a basic ford.

I strongly dislike most Alphas because of the above 'cheap'/incomplete approach, apparent laziness and complacency, selling cars on their previously gained name prowess.
Yes they are niche, unusual, and they 'do the Alpha thing' (create a bag of ****e mainly), but that does not make them for petrol heads, great looking or driver's cars, despite what sheeple repeat every time they hear the word Alpha.
This is not aimed at individuals before any pants get twisted
Just to be 100% sure - do you like Alfa's or not
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