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Evo 6 window problem

Hello all. I have a problem with my drivers window in that it when it goes straight to the top it drops back down about 10cm as if itís hit something then I have to edge it up slowly to get it fully shut, now I worked as a panel beater for years and saw this lots and it was always because the rubber wasnít seated correctly but mine is, Iíve even taken it out and checked. So today I took the door card off to take a look now there is nothing obvious so I loosened off the window shut it right up and retightened thinking that may align everything but it didnít work. The only other thing I noticed is that when I lower the window the plastic bracket that holds it slowly slides down about another 5-6mm when Iíve let go of the switch taking the window with it. So Is this a common problem, it only started a couple of months ago and never did it before
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so I have the same issue on the front passenger window. It goes down no problem, auto close will send it up and then back down an inch or so. I then just edge it back up

from reading the forum I saw the following suggestions :

#1 hold the window button aswel as the window lock button and turn ignition on to reset

#2 try raising window to the last 1cm from shut then press switch to shut it when the window hits the top hold the button for 10seconds (roughly) should re sync it.

#3 It can usually be reset by pressing and holding the button to wind the window all the way down and when it reaches the bottom keep holing for a few secs (it might make a click noise). Then press up, to wind it up, go all the way without stopping and press and hold at the top too. That should reset it.

Pretty sure I've tried #3 already but will give them all a blast again soon.

But I suspect its something like an anti finger pinch system, where the window thinks something is trapped and drops as it meets resistance
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Cheers mate I’ll try these things
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river evo 6
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Mine started doing that few years ago. eventually it got stuck open.
It was the steel wire in the window regulator had started to fray.
I bought a second hand unit and fitted it.
Evo6 gsr, mapped by evotune.

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Torque = sometimes.
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