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2019 trip to Nurburgring

Hello everybody!

after doing a thread for french evo forum, i take the time to try to achieve one in english (sorry in advance), motivated by the richW thread on the TT (and of course others fabulous threads here).

Like every year since 2010, weekend in july was the moment of the annual trip to the Nurburgring with my friends.

Rendez vous at Maizieres les Metz, with the other chaps coming from Le Mans and Paris

(sorry for the poor Renault hiding the ///M3.)

this year, we have 3 R35 GTR, 1 Cayman S, 1 BMW M2, 1 BMW 235i, 1 ///M3E46, 1 Audi TTRS and me, with the TME (Evo 5 bumper)

We're going on the track the friday evening (opening hour : 17h15), so we quickly go in direction of the germany's autobahnn, to put our bags at the bed and breackfast before putting the wheels on the Nordschleife...

Near the circuit, on the country roads, i see that in addition to the "truck GP" (on the F1 track) , there is too the "Eifel Rallye" this week end, which explain our difficulty to book rooms (despite a booking in the beginning of 2019: for 20 people, we are separated in 4 hotels , who are 25kms far from the track entrance...)

finally we reached our goal and put our wheels on the gravel parking... around 17h30

And.... each year it's the same, but each year it's still fantastic: there is some fabulous cars, rare cars, tuned cars, myhtic cars,... for every taste, a real pleasure for enthusiastic car person like us:

I have 4 laps on my card from last year, so after checked tires pressure and put the schroth harness : Let's GOOOOO

i've made 3 laps the friday evening, before the closure :

first lap: cool, to "remember" the track (as far as possible), but there is already 3 cars on the side : crash with the fence and a minivan on 3 wheels

second lap: another 2 cars in the fence (one Porsche before Adenau who crash with another car)

I'm not chasing the chronometer, but each time, i need to slow down and it's very frustrating

Last lap of the evening is a pure moment of joy:
I made it "in the ass" of a grey UK M3E46, as we are almost as fast (the rears wheels of the bmw often sliding at the exit of the corners)
a very very special moment you can live here in Germany!

the vid :

on the gravel parking, after exiting the track, i go for a chat with the driver, who is an irishman, as happy as me of this little "race"
(just complaining about the new Nankang he have put recently on his wheels )

All is OK for me and my japanese toy, but it's not the same for others friends (nothing really serious, but annoying)
- the french friend with M3E46 have an issue with his alternator (not charging the battery up to 6000 rpm) so he can't do more laps, but can back to home with the car on the road, so not too bad...
- the M2 have a front flat tire (near Adenau, on the track): he need to pay the 285€ for the tow truck , and find 2 front tires (19") a friday evening at 18H30 ... finally, very easy when you are near this famous track, 30€ less than the french prices!

(not the same i think in the french countryside to make this happen)

when the track is closed: GO to the "race hotel" restaurant at Nurburg (like every year since 6 years i think). We are 20 people so very difficult to have a table, but finally all is OK, we managed to have our traditionnal "schnitzel mit mushrooms"! (and just 1L of beer this year, because of the long road to the hotel after)

Going to sleep at 23H00, after a short stop to take the souvenir pic:


the next day, i woke up at 6H00, impossible to go back to sleep, and the brekfast is only at 8H00, so i go for a lonely walk in the german country..

after a real german "frühstück" (cold cuts meat and cheese,...), go again on the nordschleife, where we need to meet the friends.

leaving late + blocked by the closed roads for the Eifel Rallye, we reach the spot at 9H40... late again...

the friends didn’t wait for us and are already on the track. I Take 4 more laps (120€) , having in mind, if it’s not for this year, i twill be OK for the next year trip… because there is already a lot of people here !

Despite the early hour in the morning, there is already some cars in the fence ( like a white stelvio crashed at the beginning of the course). I do 2 more laps , "annoyed" by those accidents. I still enjoy my car, who is very good to drive, and fast (for me), with the Ohlins R &T, AP BBK front and the AD08R… (just the new right front arch liner, who doesn’t like the AD08R and big compressions and is not new anymore…)

Some pictures,

In the karussel :

at brunnchen:

And Hohe acht

And… another big crash… the polizei come on the Nordschleife : it’s serious and we have a long break expected.
So it’s time to watch the other cars on the parking, chatting with friends,… a pretty good life isn’t it ?

When the track open, i quickly go in my car, it’s a great idea : i’m in 3rd or 4th position to enter the circuit : I’ll make a great lap, almost alone (just a Porsche GT2 or GT3 RS overtaking me , i should say humiliating me LOL)

After that, i make my final 2 laps quickly, because it’s already 12H30. We are going to eat at Brunnchen a "currywurst mit pommes", watching insane (or not) cars…. fantastic

(note for later : there is less people on the track near 14H00, maybe i’ll eat before 12H00 next year)

At 15H00, it’s time : we are coming home.
It’s already the end, but we will comme back next year, as usual, because we love that trip !
We need to calculate the correct amount of fuel we need , before refuelling at Luxembourg (1,32€ for SP98 !!)

Conclusion of the week end: again a great time shared with my friend

1000 kms in 3 days, for 155L of SP98 (the constant 120 Km/h on the autobahnn is a good way to reduce the impressive appetite of the Evo for fuel on the track – I’m not a big fan of speed on straight line-)

My lap time is reduced from 8min53 BTG (with original brake & suspension and the 180 km/h limit) to 8min16 approx (AP racing Front, Ohlins R&T and no more stupid japanese speed limit, so It’s another reason to be happy !

Hope you have understand this story ( and maybe shared a little the feelings of this very cool weekend !)
Best regards

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Tom Dick
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Sounds like another great trip, I haven't been for 10 years but need to experience it all again
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leeslancer8 (02-08-2019)
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Thanks for Sharing that Bastien
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Great pics
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Great trip report Bastien!

Thank you for sharing! I love trip reports like these!

I find it is harder today than ten years ago as everyone is on Facebook and people do not have time for forums. That for me is a real shame. It takes a lot of effort for not a lot of thanks (But FB does have its place don't get me wrong).

But in this area forums really shine, and of course the history you can always look back on
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Tom Dick (29-07-2019)
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Really enjoyed reading this, brilliant pics and video!

Thanks for sharing

B8 Audi RS4 - 4.2 V8
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Great story, glad you survived (and the car). But why did you put Evo 5 bumper on the 6?
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awesome mate

as stated in Richs thread - we need more post like these to bring the forums alive again -
seems everyone is just few FB pics thats it
image host
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RichW (29-07-2019)
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Originally Posted by Stallion View Post
awesome mate

as stated in Richs thread - we need more post like these to bring the forums alive again -
seems everyone is just few FB pics thats it
Well yesterday I made rather long post (for my standards haha) got 2 replies, and I was asking for advice, so what else can we do... I personally do it for my own records (to know where I'm at) but it would be nice to have more interactions!
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RichW (29-07-2019)
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Happy that you have enjoyed the thread!

RichW : I don't have facebook (deleted my account in 2009, because it was ****)
and no other "social media".

I like forum because it's a real talk, and i think there is more real enthusiasts here than on FB.

@madmatt: I have put an E5 bumper on my TME because my car came from Japan in ****ty condition (known by me before purchasing) , and it's the only bumper i found at good price here... (if you know where i can find a TME Face bumper skin at good price???)

you can see the before / after pics here:

best regards
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RichW (31-07-2019)
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Love this place,heading over next month and can’t wait! Evo's are great fun round there
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Sounds and looks like you had a great time.
Cheers for sharing
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Great write up on Bastien!

Would love to maybe join you next year if you go, I’m based in the Alsace by the way!
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Hi Matt,

no problem, I will tell you the next time i go in Germany
(I have two other's guy on the french evo forum who want to come too)

maybe we can make a "evo meeting" in the north-east sometime?

are you next to Dabo ? it's good roads (your evo's are ine France?)
tell me if you move with your car a weekend near the Vosges mountains!

Best regards
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mlau1294 (06-08-2019)
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Simon - EVO V
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Bonjour Bastien.

I really enjoyed your write up, thank you.

Please tell us next year if you are going again, I may be able to to come along. I will be in the Lyon area.


Originally Posted by Aidy View Post
Most TME owners have never driven an evo, including their own.
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