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Mo Awais
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Mo's MR build thread

Hi all.

Been a while since I was on the Evo scene, was messing around with Impreza’s for A good long while and fancied an Evo again so I’m back.

I was on the hunt for an Evo with a decent base to mod further as after having spent the best part of a year sorting a previous car, I didn’t really fancy doing that again, but I did anyway ������

My cousin had an E8 sitting in his lock up after having got himself a Skyline, Ideal starting point for me being forged with A few extras on it & being an MR edition was a bonus.

I made a deal on it and picked the car up ages back now but it just sat in the garage as had other things going on.

I had done a write up/pics etc off stuff as we got onto doing the car but never managed to create a thread on it.

Almost lost all my data from my laptop so thought best get all car stuff saved some where

What initially started as tidy up jobs escalated to full engine build, turbo / exhaust changes and many other bits, You will see as I get around to creating this thread.

So here we go!!

Being A 2005 performance car it did need work doing to get it mint & up to scratch.

I am fussy when it comes to my cars so like them done right, So having gone over this one there was A lot I wanted to change and bring up to scratch or in some places replace for newer tech stuff.

So I got cracking with it...
Will do this thread in the order I went along with the car, So its easy to understand and keep up with.

Well that is a background on things so here is some spec & pics of the car how it was when collected:

Mitsubishi E8 MR-FQ320 #214

Forged 2.3 stroker engine
JE 85.5mm pistons
0.5mm over bore and honed block
Oliver I beams
ARP 2000 conrod bolts
ACL mains/rod bearings
Balance shaft delete kit
Ported cylinder head
Cosworth head gasket
+1mm oversized valves
ARP cylinder head stud kit
HKS 272 cams
HKS adjustable cam pulleys
HKS timing belt

JMF Intake manifold
Blitz sus induction kit
4" Race core intercooler
HKS ssqv blow off valve
Mocal 19 row oil cooler
ToyoSports oil catch tank
Full size ally radiator with Samco coolant hoses

5 speed gearbox conversion with Pull to push clutch conversion, consisting of Carbonetic twin plate race clutch & Carbonetic lightened & balanced flywheel

Turbo & Exhaust:
Garrett GT35 82R
Full Race exhaust manifold
3" turbo back race tube exhaust
44-mm external waste gate

RC 1000cc injectors
Bosch 044 fuel Pump
Sard adjustable fuel reg
High pressure fuel hoses

Hydra Nemsis ecu:
Tuned @ Tracktive Solutions
High & low boost maps
Launch control & Antilag on toggle
Greddy ProfecB boost controller
Apexi turbo timer also displays:
(AF ratio/Volts etc)
Boost gauge

Bimarco race bucket seats
Ralliart floor mat set
OE momo titanium steering wheel
OE carbon fibre dash trims
Colour changeable Lockwood dials

Wheels / Brakes etc:
Rota Gtr alloys with Toyo R888 tyres
Rebuilt Brembo calipers with uprated PF disc/pads
OE front strut brace
Tien super street coil over suspension

MR smoked front & rear lights
Veilside D1 front bumper fitted for IC clearance

Carbons parts consisting of:
vented bonnet, Mirrors, Boot/ Lip spoiler, Boot main spoiler, Roof vortex, Pillar trims, Bonnet lifters.

Now for some Pictures:

Don't shoot me I know the car does look OTT in these pics but as mentioned it was like that when collected it all soon changes as this thread progresses new images will tell a new story

I know certain aspects are against being a purist especially the snow plough for a bumper lolol but stay tuned you will like the outcome with this one...
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..

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Mo Awais
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Some of what I have been up to:


The first job on my list was to clean the interior up and do some changes, below is the stuff I have been cracking on with.

The car didn't come with its original black door cards or rear seat fitted, Reason being the chap who owned it before my cousin had stripped the interior as was going to fit a cage & use the car for track.

A change in his circumstances meant he had to sell the car & having sold the MR interior it was just fitted with a set of blue door cards & rear seat.

I managed to source a set of the original Black MR door cards which I fitted & whilst doing this also removed the front window tints as I prefer a clear glass look at front.

Before/After pics:

After some hard searching managed to get the original Alcantara rear seat with no rips or tears, well happy with this find as they are hard to come by!!

Removed the blue seats and gave it a quick wipe down back there, all nice and clean behind there.

After sorting the above I really wanted to have the dash flocked, I had one in a previous car and like the look of them.

Also I wasn't keen on the grey floor carpet, Black would look so much better with the dark interior.

I did a quick search for a black carpet but as far as I am aware the later Evo`s didn't come with a black carpet so only option I could think of was to dye it.

Well anyways had a spare weekend & got cracking, pulled the dash and carpet all out & here is what I was left with!!

I was surprised how clean the car was behind the dash/under carpet areas simply a wipe down and looks mint.

The dash/centre console was sent off to Nikki @ Banbury Flocking Services where it was trimmed In jet black flock using an electrostatic process.

So now back to the carpet, I rang a few places but no one seem to dye them so I had to do something myself if I wanted to do this.

So I had a browse on Ebay and found a dye kit for carpets, reviews looked good on the product, & seem to be easy enough to do just a spray on process so I got some ordered.

Below is pics of the product in case any one else wants to do the same along with before/after of the carpet:

I do recommend the product very easy to work with and end result was very good, apologises for the pic quality.

A week later Nikki had the dash ready & I received it back.

So now it was time to fit everything back to the car so got stuck in with my cousin & well pleased with the end result pics below:

As the plastic trims were all off, I fancied doing something with them.

So I sent the following bits up to Chris @ Hydrotek to be dipped in carbon:

Cluster surround
Steering column cowl
Face of centre console
Window switch surrounds
Sill/kick trims
Seat belt panels

Pic of them when sent off:

Pic once received back:

Added a AMS carbon gear knob:

A few pics of the hydro dipped bits:

Carbon dipped switch surround:

Carbon dipped kick/sill plates:

Carbon dipped seat belt panel:

Pic of how the interior was before:

Pics of interior upon completion:

That is as far as I went with the interior and happy with it now.

Next was mechanical side of things.
I will sort pics etc and get that side of things listed up on here in the next few days.
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..
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Mo Awais
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Engine Bay!!

Next job on my list was a general wipe down/tidy up off the engine bay and see what I wanted to change etc.

After going over it there was a few things I wanted to get sorted & my cousin who I had the car off is a pal of Dans @ AMD down in Wigan, so was recommended to use this place for what ever it was I wanted done, So agreed to do so.

First & foremost was to change the engine/transmission fluids,So got the following ordered from Opie Oils:

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10W-50 engine oil
Gen Mitsi black oil filter

Motul gear 300 75w-90 racing gearbox oil
Motul gear competition 75w-140 diff oil

The radiator fitted to the car was a bit tatty and me being fussy with small details I thought I will change this next.

So I went for a MishiMoto half rad supplied by Ross Sport to tidy the bay up, I know people say full size rad works better but being so close to exhaust manifold surely the heat don't help, So personally I feel this way will also help the cooling system, debatable yes but just something of personal preference.

Old rad pic:

New rad pics:

Opted for the Mishimoto slim 10" fan to fit with the new rad.

Thermostat housing removed & polished up refitted with a new gasket + A Mishimoto cool 63c thermostat.

System to run Comma X stream G48 coolant as recommended by Indigo GT.

The original rad brackets didn't look good so I got a set of anodised Blox racing ones.

So after having the rad set up how I wanted it, I wasn't happy with the Fmic its a 4" one what means I cant fit a standard bumper to the car & I wasn't feeling the current bumper at all!!

I ordered a 3" ETS wide tank Fmic core what are rated to the 750ish hp mark so spot on for what I intend to do with this car & this also meant I can fit a standard bumper #Winning

The intercooler was sourced through Indigo GT.



The car runs a front exit exhaust & the one fitted was a round roll lip style one.

I wasn't feeling this either so got Jack @ Flux Fabrication to make me a tear drop style tip to be welded onto the current exhaust as a stop gap for now, till A proper system was fabricated for the car at a later stage.

Getting along with it now and the rocker cover was also bugging me, reason being it was not tap threaded so hoses always coming loose and was only AN6 fittings, so my plan was to run something with AN10 and secure fittings.

I sourced a rocker cover got it bought, ordered some new AN fittings ready to have it customised, only to come across a listing from ProtoType Motorsport stating they mod these covers to how I intended to have mine.

This is done on exchange bases so I sent them off the cover I had, to receive one with the following work done to it:

Stripped & vapour blasted
Machined for An10 fittings
Baffles Re Zinced & Re plated

Ordered a genuine gasket through ICP, & told AMD to paint the rocker in white.

I also uprated the OE front strut brace to an Cusco one & added a 3 point rear Cusco brace also.

A few random brackets/ strut brace ends done in a candy blue:

The catch can was only a 2 port what had a mini breather fitted to one & pipes having to be T pieced off for breathers, Looked cheap and tacky.

I gave Ellis Fabrications a call & had made a polished AN10 fitment catch can with 3 ports as can run direct pipe from the 2 breathers to the can & 1 port for a breather to be fitted & a lid on top for ease of when cleaning the can out.

Got all the AN fittings from Torques as simply they are best for quality, instead of using the same silicone hoses, I went for Teflon braided lines.

The car was running a Blitz Sus air filter which have very good reviews and work well but this needed to go as car runs mafless but still had the maf bolted onto it ����

So I got a Ross Sport 4" induction kit with K&N filter.

Old Filter, Catch can & dump valve removed.

New Filter:

The place where I wanted to mount the catch can meant battery would have to be relocated to the boot, So I sourced a good quality Tri core wire relocation kit from a chap who was breaking his car, I was told they are easy enough to build up but chose a tried & tested one so no surprises down the line.

Also got a new battery to be fitted slightly bigger than standard along with a Motomec alloy battery cage and a set of quick release terminals.

I noticed the cam sensor wiring was pretty close to the manifold so I wasn't happy about that, did some research into how It could be re routed & found the following mod available so got it bought.

JonnyC custom reverse cam sensor housing.

I recommend these for any one running non standard manifolds, not only do they look neat but will save you ruining the sensors as it moves it away from the manifold.

Goodies all boxed up and the car ready to be dropped off @ AMD in Wigan.

Awaiting recovery so I thought il take a few snaps.


Off she went!!

Spotted by Rob on route:

Some pics/details of work undertaken at AMD:

The car had a HKS ssqv dump valve fitted when I got it, I'm not one for dump valves so had blanked it off.

However Dan recommended fitting one back on so we ordered a Tial Q blow off valve.

The oil cooler was relocated at some point to be mounted above the FMIC, The lines were extra long and did not look tidy at all.

So Dan set about re doing them and now fit better.

Before/After pics:

The reverse cam sensor housing fitted and looks amazing such a small mod yet makes a big difference.

Before/After pics:

Exhaust tip fitted for now will new exhaust is made.

The inner arches, floor pan and behind front wings was all cleaned and under sealed whilst at AMD as they fitted me a set of vented wider wings to the car. These were once again changed out for something else but I will do a proper write up on exterior stuff further on in the thread so will just upload the 2 pics I got off the stuff mentioned here.

All though asked unfortunately I didn't get much pics from these guys at all, understandable being a busy garage however not so great when you specifically ask with the intention of creating a portfolio!

The next stage is where it all took to the "Project Creep" stage updates to follow....
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..

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You’ve done a great job of the interior

How well does the flicking last?
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I think I've seen a few video clips of the car on youtube before. Like the work you've done so far, really nice.
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It does look a bit crazy in the pictures, but I like it. Great work so far, looking forward to more

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Looks great to me, nice work.

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Mo Awais
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Originally Posted by Mita View Post
You’ve done a great job of the interior

How well does the flicking last?
Thank you
As for your question iv never asked what sort of life span is on the product used, But from experience I can say it all comes down to how the car gets used and if its maintained etc, The ones in my previous cars lasted a good long while, but if you catch it with something etc they are very easily marked.

Originally Posted by Andy1986 View Post
I think I've seen a few video clips of the car on youtube before. Like the work you've done so far, really nice.
Yes mate there was one or two on there from a while back when the previous owner had it, and thank you for your kind words.

Originally Posted by Dan-B View Post
It does look a bit crazy in the pictures, but I like it. Great work so far, looking forward to more

Cheers mate positive feedback/advice always welcome

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Originally Posted by Cardsharky View Post
Looks great to me, nice work.
Kind words much appreciated
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..
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Mo Awais
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The Project Creep PT.1

Once the car was back from AMD it needed to go off to be mapped, So I thought rather than just leaving it here and mapping it might as well get the turbo set up to what I would be happy with.

The GT35 on the car was a descent unit having been rebuilt by CR Turbos just before I got the car, however it was the old non billet version and something was bugging me saying I had to have something with a newer spec!!

So on a free weekend I went and removed all the turbo/exhaust set up.

The exhaust was straight piped with no support brackets or hangers something not quite to my standards, looked like A cowboy was set loose with a welder! so now was the time for this to go as well.

The external waste gate was V band style but someone had welded the screamer pipe on to it and it looked tatty, also the gate itself was the heavy old style one so ideally needed upgrading for something newer, Time to bin that too!

Whilst the manifold was off I noticed a fair bit of carbon build up on the head so set about cleaning it up what I could get to.

Looking at it I got a feeling there would have been a slight blow on the gasket, As it wasn't really noticeable whilst driving or even when standing over the engine with it running.

However the smoke residue from what I could see on the front of the head suggested other.

After some elbow grease it all came up a treat.

See the before/during & after pics below.

The solenoid on the starter motor had started to play up and with having the turbo set up all off it was easily accessible so got it off and a new solenoid ordered.

Nice easy job few bolts and swapped it over, also gave the side cover a quick once over with some polish looks better now ready to be re fitted.

So now for the turbo I looked into a number of options but in the end I went for an Owen Developments unit.

I was in talks with Scott at OD and after having told him the car spec and what I wanted from it he recommended the following turbo, so I got it bought

New Turbo Spec:

OD - GBT-6986 turbo
NT7.1 housing (0.82 A/R)
T3 Inlet & V band outlet

It comes with the full "M spec" package what consists off the following taken from OD website:

"HTA™ Compressor Wheels-Lightweight HTA™ billet Aluminium Compressor Wheel with an advanced aerodynamic profile for unrivalled transient response and efficiency.

Metal Bearing Cages-The plastic stock cages are replaced with metal for improved longevity to cope with the increased exhaust gas temperature from anti-lag systems and Racing which leads to heat soak and damage.

360° Core Clamp stainless steel-Originally developed for FIA Formula 2 and now available on M-Spec Turbos, recommended for Motorsport use to damp vibration.

Heat Shield-2mm Billet Stainless Steel Heat Shield to replace 0.9mm OEM part, the 2mm shield holds its form and will not distort or foul the turbine wheel.

Conical Nut-Improves aerodynamics, air flow and response.

Ported Anti-Surge Shroud-Helps prevent surge at high boost/load and improves response at low engine revs while broadening the compressor map.

Anodised Billet Adaptor Ring-Replaces standard cast part for improved durability"

Also ordered the V band and clamp with it so makes life easier when new exhaust is fabricated.

The old EWG was replaced with Turbosmart's new lightweight hyper gate 45.

Now the epic blunder!!

When the turbo arrived I thought I will mock it up to the manifold to see if all is good, but all was definitely not good.

My new turbo is T3 which I was fully aware off, reason I chose a T3 was because I was told the old set up on the car was in fact T3 and I was going to keep the same exhaust manifold.

When mocking up I realised the manifold was infact T4, anyways new turbo was here now specced for T3 and I had to find a way to rectify it.

The easiest way was to send exhaust housing back to OD for a T4 but OD don’t do this spec turbo in a T4

Gave Zee a call, some of you will know him through the Evo scene/Parts supplier.

I spoke to him for some advice on having the flange on current manifold changed to which he replied it is possible but to keep in mind the angles on the collector and the size difference so was going to be chancing it on how good this will flow.

He recommended having a new manifold fabricated but time wasn’t on my side with the car being booked in for work in a matter of days and these things don’t just get made in a hurry.

Good News!!!

Zee spoke to Gaz @ GR Performance and managed to twist his arm to start getting one fabricated the following morning.

We went for a billet collector, thick walled manifold and it looks the business check pics below:

Old one VS new one:

So went and picked this up from GR as didn’t have time to be waiting on post, also got a genuine Mitsi gasket to fit it with.

Quick mock up:

Happy with it now as after the small niggles managed to put together a top turbo kit

Once all this was sorted the car went off to Dean @ RW-Developments for an exhaust to be fabricated and a few other small jobs.

Previous exhaust was a 3" turbo back what AMD had fitted a 3.5" tear drop style tip on for me.

New system I went for is 3.5" turbo back with a similar style tear drop as before but having a stubby box fitted to quieten it down a bit, as the last system was louddddd!!

Also fabricated was a teardrop hood exit screamer pipe and heat shield.

No more horrible welds like on the previous gate/screamer nice and tidy V-Band fitment on this one

I had a elbow welded onto the compressor housing as on old Set up hi boost would always blow the samco hose off around here.

Intercooler port was also extended in order to be able to get better fitment/clearance on the IC pipe next to the bumper.

An uprated 70mm Super Pro S90 throttle body was also fitted:

The top part on the slam panel looked tatty as at some point the stock bonnet catch was removed (Car runs aero catches) also the centre bar what IC bolts onto was also cut away this was due to the old IC size, I think they thought they was building a sub marine not a car!

So I told Dean to tidy it up the best he could and below is some pics of how he's managed to do it, looks a lot tidier now.

Once back from Deans I wasn't feeling the finish on the top bar, So removed it and tried polishing it up, got it down to a point where it looked better but I wasn't happy.

So I dropped it off to a local place who do electroplating and had it done chrome, now it has a mirror finish to it.

Some pics off how it was when removed/ home polish and then the final result.

I know these Evo engines do create a lot of heat so I wasn't sure on my new heat shield design, having replaced what originally is a mesh fitted around that area.

So off it came and given to a local engineering place who cut some slots out on it, and was then powder coated in anthracite.

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Mo Awais
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So moving on I had been messing about with it for long enough and wanted it up and running again so I spoke to my mate Zee about ecu options and a few more things I wanted to get sorted.

I didn’t fancy having it mapped again on the current Hydra Nemesis Ecu what the car came with as wanted something better.

Initially was going to buy a Syvecs but after talks with a few people opted for the new Link G4+, my decision for doing this over the other ECU was simply because it seems the Link is more accessible to mappers where as I have been informed not everyone works with Syvecs, however both are very good units.

So once all parts ordered arrived got the car dropped off to my mechanic Zee for him to do some further mods and get it all up and running

Some pics of new random parts as they get delivered:

* Link G4+ ecu
* Link lambda to can set up
* DW fuel pump hard wire kit
* DW in tank fuel pump

It was an ideal time to add a better boost solenoid, So went for a Turbosmart 4 port to replace the old 3 port.


Expansion loom for additional in/outputs made, Ecu fitted to an OE casing and ready to be fitted to the car:

Fresh oil & filter put in all though it had only covered around 150 miles since last change, I was paranoid with the turbo oil return having been off etc so just opted for it to be done again inc a new magnetic sump plug and A set of fresh spark plugs.

Opted to have the thermo housing and rad modded to accept AN fittings so I could run braided pipe.

Whilst this was being done the MishiMoto fan was swapped out for a Spal one, the Mishi just didn’t seem up to the job.

This one was fitted in the push configuration simply to free up some space on the other side of the rad where my induction kit sits.

AMD had fabricated the intake side IC pipe work but for some reason instead of having it in 2 pieces as it should be they just done it as one pipe, this was a bit ridiculous seeing as you would have to strip half the bay if you ever needed to remove it.

So this was redone how it should have been to begin with, 2 sections and had the edges rolled so hoses don’t blow off:

It’s not a nut/bolt style fit on the billet collectors as the bolt just tightens up into it so a proper set of Ti bolts with stainless lock wire were fitted.

We had all the Oil/Water lines for turbo set up custom made to size by Hel Performance, they are Teflon braided with all the oil ones having fire sleeve fitted and heat shrinked ends.

Also purchased Turbosmart's Oil pressure regulator/ fitting kit & inline filter.

Sump removed in order to fit the Tomei baffle plate:

Quick inspection whilst off, JE pistons, Oliver rods etc all looking spot on!

Tomei kit fitted:

As for the next bit the car takes a bigger turn towards the all out build...
***Stay tuned & watch this space*** ��
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..

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Awesome progress mate car looks great 👍
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Mo Awais
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Originally Posted by Dereksti View Post
Awesome progress mate car looks great 👍
Thank you

Originally Posted by GUM EVO View Post
Good Times Come & Go, But The Memories Last Forever..
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Mo Awais
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Project Creep PT.2
**Engine Time**

When my mechanic was fitting the baffle plate kit he mentioned he removed the oil pick up to clean out before fitting & he found some small bearing shavings stuck in there

I was told there is a strong possibly that it’s been stuck in there from an old build where they hadn't thoroughly cleaned it & my mechanic was convinced it would be fine.

So I let him crack on with assembling all the niggly bits and getting the car ready but something in my mind was telling me not to run the car after his findings.

So I persuaded myself I was going to have the engine spec changed slightly with A full overhaul then in that sense Iv rebuilt / replaced everything, All though was never my Initial plan to do so, the amount of bodge ups I found along the way with it was better for me to do the lot

I just didn’t want to run the risk with A what if.... in the back of my mind after all that time/effort and money spent just for it to go to waste if the engine didn’t perform as we had hoped for having changed so many parts along the way.

So I told my mechanic to pull the engine and that I wanted A fresh build on it, it was better for me to do it this way than to risk it taking the lot out on dyno when it can be stopped here and built better

So here goes:

Head being removed of the engine as initially we was going to keep that as it was and just do the bottom end but we ended up doing the full lot again.

Gave the engine a wipe over still looks fresh as it’s only believed to have covered circa 8k miles.

Bottom end now removed from the car:

Pistons & Rods removed:

Sump removed having sealant cleaned off the block and sump cleaned out:

Engine bay given a quick wipe down with some de greaser, everything’s in good nick considering the age of the car now, A few paint chips here and there but nothing dramatic, Can live with it as it is.

Gave the box a wipe down too seeing as it was all off:

The suspect shavings found in the oil pick up would have been the bottom end bearings as all rod bearings looked spot on!

Engine sent up to Gary @GR-PERFORMANCE for the new build ��

I got further updates to put on but they are on my Ipad whats away for repair, so will update once that is back, and tell you what spec I went for along with the build pics etc...
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Wow.. Great write up and proper build thread.

How did you get the head ports so clean?
My Evo 6 resto thread...

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