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MLRSS - End of an Era? Maybe Not Just Yet!

With the last round at Cadwell Park now behind us - another great event which ran smoothly and was enjoyed by everyone (as usual!) - I'm sorry to say that too was down on numbers and lost a substantial sum of money.

As you all know, the Sprint Series has struggled over the past year or so to get the numbers it needs to survive and prosper. I'm well aware that there are less Evos around these days and with escalating prices they're not being bought to drive on track, so although I love organising these events and we have the amazing support from the MLR team (Dave & Gill, Lee & Debs, Chell, Mas, Monkeynuts & Raptor) - and importantly there are a number of you who equally love taking part - it's clear there aren't the numbers of drivers who want to take part in the Sprint Series now.

All of which sadly means Cadwell Park was the last MLR Sprint for 2017 - and I have no plans to organise a full Sprint Series for 2018. We've had an exceptional 10 years - or more if you include the original Haynes Sprints from before the MLRSS . . . but right now I think it's time for a break!

However, the MLR Sprints are too good and enjoyed by enough of you not to let disappear completely, so I already have plans to run one large event as part of the 2018 MOD & Evo Festival

Whilst you're waiting for news of that event, here's a recap of the past 11 years from 2007 - 2017. Thanks again to all of you who have been a huge part of the MLRSS; drivers, sponsors, circuit staff and of course Dave & Gill, Lee & Debs, Chell, Mas, Monkeynuts & Raptor who have made the MLR Sprints amongst the best events out there!

Lee5 at Oulton Park

MT-Evo at Silverstone

Simon Norris at Llandow

[email protected] at Llandow

Tyrant at Silverstone


Tony (666RSX) at Silverstone

SiB at Castle Combe

Neverneverman at Silverstone

Motley Crew


Rodney at Teesside

Kenny1 at Teesside


A few fresh faces!


Liddy in his first car at Silverstone

Madmat at Castle Combe

Richard Marples at Oulton Park

Robin Duxbury

RSGeoff at Oulton


Armageddon at Silverstone

BHP at Ingliston

Blacky at Snetterton

[email protected] at Silverstone


[email protected] at Mira

Madmac at Kames

Whitti at Castle Combe

Kins at Mira

Dusty Floor at Oulton


Baz25 at Teesside

White 4, 5 & 6 at Castle Combe

BradGT at Snetterton

Wigley at Hethel


Corky at Blyton

Greenstar at Hethel

Dave Rowe at Blyton

WillG at Hethel


OctaineJunkee at Rockingham

GreenyO at Castle Combe

Robo69 at Rockingham

Clavsnapt at Blyton

Peeler at Rockingham


F1-RS at Pembrey

Liddy at Snetterton

Cryptwalk at Castle Combe

Foomeister at Hethel

[email protected] at Croft

Knoxville at Cadwell

2016 Winners


Rodney at Castle Combe

Phil Reed at Cadwell Park
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MLRSS - End of an Era? Maybe Not Just Yet!

Sad but understandable - thanks to all the MLR team for running the events which I enjoyed spectating if not having the cahoonas to compete.

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MLRSS - End of an Era? Maybe Not Just Yet!

Well done to all those that took part either organising or competing. It must have taken a lot of time and money from everyone. Be proud of yourselves and will look forward to seeing what Darin has install for 2018

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Interesting how many have those names have now gone onto Time Attack and Hillclimb after cutting their teeth on the MLRSS.

Don't let it die completely as you say we all need the grass roots in sport!

Maybe some more MLR track days instead?

WELL DONE DARIN thanks for all your organising over the years and in the future.
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Thanks for a brilliant organised MLRSS over the years its been a blast !!
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Very grateful to have been part of what has been a truly epic club series - I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Completely understand the reasons why it has come to a stop.... and to be honest you guys definitely deserve a break from it all!

Personally I can't thank the MLR sprint team enough for allowing us regular Joes to drive and enjoy these cars how they have been intended to be driven.

3 cheers to all that have made it happen!

P.S. - When's the next one - I'm in!

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I'm glad I was able to make it to this last sprint and I am looking forward to the next event I can get to. It was great talking to some of the other drivers and I learned a lot. It is a real shame that the MLRSS has to stop.

I'm already counting the pennies to see when I can afford to get on a track next . You can count me in for the 2018 MOD & Evo festival sprint and for sure at least one other track day next year
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Gutted just as ive started stripping down the evo to build for track and competition use

Have you considered taking tge mlr to the hill climb scene if its a snall group of enthusiasts and less newcomers im sure the regulars wouldnt mind obtaining a non race licence to carry on competeing, im sure all things have been discused previusly tho.

From the vids i have seen it always looked well organised so credit is due for that, just gutted i missed all the fun.
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Very sad news. I have been sprinting with the MLR since Llandow in 2007 and have loved every single second. Such a welcoming and well run event.

Big thanks to everyone involved. It has been great fun.
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I would also like to say a big thanks to all concerned and a biggest thanks to all who have supported Daz and myself over the the 10+ years we have been sticking a lens in your face

Yes It is a great shame it had to stop but everything has a shelf life and we cannot keep loosing money

I have met over the years some great mates and had a real laugh freezing to death and getting ****ed on but it was all worth it

Seen some great driving and some crazy crashes and no one hurt which is the main thing

Some of you will still see me trackside doing TA and other things

When I get a min I will dig into the vaults and sort out the highs and lows of ten years

Cheers Steve
Pace Ward MLR Sprint Pictures By Monkeynuts and Raptor

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Great pics
Good memory's then
It was a great series I really enjoyed it
1/4 time [email protected]
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Some of my best moments in a car were had at these events.. (the others involved it being parked up)

Shame to see it come to an end, but times change, people change and the evo's have turned into cosworths.

Well done to Darin and the team for running one of the best events available
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Hopefully after a little time away - people will realise just how much they miss it and it will return?????

Hope so!!
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Such a shame to read this news ... I've only recently had the opportunity to drive our Evo in the fashion it should be and was hoping to be one of the newbies next year on track
Hopefully it will return if enough people miss it
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Thoroughly enjoyed my time competing in this series. Many happy memories!

Many thanks for everyone who made it such a great series
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