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The last MLR magazine

After 21 years of writing, editing and publishing 88 issues of the MLR magazine in all itís guises (62 copies of Wastegate Chatter and 26 copies of evolution), from the very first photocopied version in 1997 to seeing it evolve into the magazine it is today Ė including a stint of being on the WHSmiths bookshelves - Iím sorry to report that Issue 26 of evolution will be the last, as itís simply no longer economic to produce now.

After the recent change to an online only membership weíve understandably seen the numbers whose Ďfull membershipí that included the magazine decline over the last 10 months. This is why I introduced the separate annual subscription in the Shop, but subscriptions have been extremely low rather than 1000+ needed to continue Ė hence this decision... and one of the reasons I wanted to include every Evo generation and the Lancer Turbo in Issue 26, which Iím pleased to say has been successful albeit a struggle!

I accept there are a number of you who have subscribed who are expecting future issues, and I will write to all of you who are owed issues to offer either a refund or copies of earlier issues you may not have, so please keep an eye on your Inbox.

Iím sorry for the disappointing news, but trust you understand the reason behind the decision. When I started the magazine in 1997 I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be produced for so long and at the quality weíve managed to achieve, so although I accept that all good things come to an end, Iím personally very proud all 88 issues over the 21 years. Whoíd have thought it was possible?!

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Thank you for all you have done, its such a shame its got to come to an end
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Thank you Darin, personally I think you’ve done a fantastic job. And we should all reflect on the good times and all the positives you’ve brought to the Evo world. Nothing lasts forever, I’m sure you will appreciate the extra free time for other projects/interests.
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Dah! I was going to message you to get my car featured.

I'ts always been an awesome mag and a credit to you and the team Darin.
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I may only be a relatively recent addition to the club, however it's clear to see the amount of work that you have put into the magazine (not to mention all the other areas of the MLR) over the years. The quality of the magazines has been excellent so many thanks to yourself and all the other contributors.

It's a shame to see it come to an end (although it was always going to be inevitable once Mitsubishi stopped making the Evo), however it's certainly something you can look back on with pride.
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thanks Darin
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[email protected]
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Thanks Darin for all the work and effort you put in to turning out a great magazine. Will miss getting it in the postbox.
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Richard B
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This is very sad news Darin, very sad indeed.

Thanks again for all the work put in to the magazine, it really a magazine that has shelf quality.
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It is an impressive effort to put together a magazine and get it published and in print for several years! Well done it’s something I couldn’t begin to comprehend on how to start or manage.
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Simon - EVO V
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Grateful for the mags Iíve received to date. I appreciate the amount of work that must go into making each edition.

Many thanks for all your efforts that made this club what it was.

Originally Posted by Aidy View Post
Most TME owners have never driven an evo, including their own.
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Been a great mag over the years since Iíve been getting them

All the best Darin, will defo miss these arriving every few months
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Tom Dick
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Sadly missed but yet another nail in the MLR coffin.
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You're a star - we were all part of something very special which is unfortunately all gradually coming to an end. Such is life
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This is just another nail in the coffin for the MLR
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Sad times Darin, thank you for such a good mag and club over the years Iíve had some great times in my life being part of this club

All the best for the future
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