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Cupid Stunt
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I havent been on a track for nearly 20 years, but for a while iv been toying with the idea of getting a bike again for a bit of fun (no racing). I still own my bike from 20 years ago ('85 CR 250), but this has inadvertently become somewhat of a resto project over the years (magnesium clutch/water pump casing + no long term store prep = ).

Anyway, the bike I have always wanted is a YZF250 (not F), but i’d happily have another CR, just a more up to date version. To start off with at least I want to stick with 250cc and 2 stroke (which I was very pleased to hear is still a thing - They were talking about phasing out the larger cc 2 strokes when I stopped riding!)

Some questions:

- Are there any years/sub models to go for or avoid in these models? Any foibles or benefits from year to year i.e. power/chassis/rebuild interval improvements etc? e.g. “2009 onwards benefited from a major change to motor design” or similar.

- What are tracks like these days? Turn up > pay > go? maybe a bit of scrutineering in between?

- What is the average cost for service and engine rebuilds (top and bottom end builds)?

- Painfully I will have to take a trailer test to be able to take the bike to the track (a few years under the cut off age). Are there any specific trailers/towing systems that are favoured these days?

- I am in the south east; are there any tracks that you can recommend? I am thinking more high speed enduro type tracks rather than 50 foot table top type jump tracks to start off with until I gain my confidence again. My closest track is Wildtraks, but I am not sure if that even has a dedicated MX track anymore + that is a bit too challenging for me these days!

- What are the best forums for UK MX?

Thanks for your input!
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Ok I can help with some of this
Tracks these days are normally turn up and pay, some you need to pre book, most tracks now run sessions based on ability and you pick which group you go in

You may not need the trailer test as it goes on combined weight and about 1000 other factors so have a word with dvla

On Facebook there’s a page called mx tracks uk and they just share posts of which tracks are open so you can find loads of tracks through them

Personally I would go 2 stroke due to maintenance costs, ideally you do a piston after about 15 hours and bike depending a piston kits under £100 where as 4 strokes need valve timings etc doing

And I can’t help really on Year of bike etc to go for but my mate who’s well into these things reckons that about 2002 was the most powerful cr250 they did

Hope this helps
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I've raced for 25 years UK and two in Europe. a newer two stroke piston will last 45 hrs rings 15hrs. 4stroke just get the valves checked once a year first sign they need doing is hard starting but get as new as possible.
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super rover
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my pal does enduro stuff ,he loves it ,he tryed MX but he said the hustle and bustle of the starts and the like spoiled his enjoyment
he found enduro just as much fun and you can be left to do your thing and still get a good result
cost wise when i looked at it wasnt that back from what i remember ,but good tracks are few and far between
as for trailer why not sort a cheap van ,having a bike dragged around in broad day light when theift is a real concern these days wouldnt be ideal ,bunged in the back of the van alls good and youve some where to bung an your dirty kit instead of messing up your daily and and a place to chill if its wet
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Cupid Stunt
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Join Date: Sep 2010
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Car: 7 GSR to 8 FQ-400 & M.A.D 600BHP 9 FQ-320 & ZX12R engined Spire GTR
Posts: 598
Thank you all for your input; a great help.

Having looked further into transport options, a motorbike rack looks like the way to go as it's small, cheap and doesn't class as a trailer obviously.
I have a van already, SR, but it needs to stay decent for work. My daily is a bit of a ****ter and so I am not worried about it getting worse
A van is the best plan, but it would literally be used just for a few track days a year and I have too many vehicles already!

Thanks for the FB tip, Benjer, but I am not on it, so need a forum. Plenty of yank ones, but not found an ideal UK one yet.

Thanks Arron, I have since found a fair bit of info on rebuild intervals. As I will not be racing, I can prob stretch a bit, but a piston at 50 hours seems the max accepted safe point to change. One of the reasons for going 2 stroke is the ability to rebuild myself and less moving top end parts to check/service/replace.

I have discovered all of the YZ model differences over the years and it's clear, engine wise, that they have not changed since 1999, so that no longer has a bearing on my decision. 2006 they changed from steel to ali frame and there were several suspension and minor plastic changes in the following years, but mainly the format seems to have plateaued for the last 13 years, which, from a new buyer makes things a lot more simple. All things considered, I will be aiming for a 2015 model onwards.

Any more info re. tracks and forums would be a good help if anyone else has anymore info.

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