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Which one to choose? Help Please...

I have owned many Evoís in the past including a Evo1, 2 Evo 2ís and a Evo 3.
This was roughly 11 years ago. I now want to get another. Iíve been looking at the Evo 10 with the SST but have heard some horror stories about the gearbox overheating and the car going into limp mode with a heavy right foot?
Basically I have enough money to get most of the Evoís out there except the TME. I really wish I had kept one of my earlier cars but hindsight is great ah!
If some members could give me there opinions on what cars to take a look at and why it would be great. Iíve been looking at cars from the 4 up to the 10.
Is the 10 really a contender? Will I miss the 4G63 if I got a 10? Help please as Iím really undecided on the situation.
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What do you intend to do with the vehicle? Sunday joy rider? B road blaster? Show car? Sprints?
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NO brainer for me, a NICE X would be on my drive in a heart beat ,older earlys are getting OLD these days 25 years is some age for these car ,most 8/9s have been thrashed to death ,while still ubber cool there no longer cheap to run
<<<<<<<<< THIS
this was my dream rally car but it simply didnt get used poor thing ,now and for the forsealble future EVOLESS
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Iím going to be using the car for Sunday B road Blasts and getting round town a few times a week. Will only be doing around 1500 miles a year.
I must admit the 10 does look really nice but as I said is there a problem with the paddle shift gearbox overheating? I have read that there can be problems with it. Is there a fix if this is the case? Donít want to be blasting about and the car goes into limp mode.
Would you you get the 10 with automatic SST or Manual box?
Thanks for your replyís.
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That is a good question The overheating might be case when the car is push extremely hard? Might have to get some opinions from X owners...

If you are planning on a B road blaster, maybe one of those FQ Xs or even a FQ VIII/IX will fit your bill. A lot of car out of the box.. and you won't need to fiddle with it so much

I think it will come down to personal taste.. some swear by the older CT9A chassis... some love the newer CY chassis... Might be worthwhile to test drive both and decide from there.
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Same situation as yourself. Exact reasons and I do 2k a year.

I had a new 6 back in the day. That was what I wanted then raw and brutal. Now an old git, I'm happy with my 10 sst. Fast enough for blasts, lightning gear changes. Also a lovely cruise around town when the rabble are with me.

I just made sure the service history was perfect, it was stock, owned by a doctor with no upgrades.

Sold a kidney to pay for improvements, underseal, brakes and suspension etc. Get around to the engine one day. But want to iron out normal X issues. But didn't want older car. But these rust as well.
Sounds like sst might suit you, unless you want more power, then I would go for manual.

I've had no problems with the car so far. Other than the work I did. Engine and gearbox are great.
The standard X doesn't have that instant oomph. But I hear taking it to around 380 is where this car comes alive.

Hope this help.
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Yeah probably a good idea to test drive both. There seems to be lots of FQ300 Evo 10 about. Wouldnít mind a bit more power like the 330 or 360 but they seem a bit rarer than the 300.
If any Evo 10 owners are reading this there input about the transmission in the SST models would be highly appreciated.
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If you buy a good example of an Evo X then the SST transmission should pose you no issues as long as it has been looked after.

I have a manual and an SST and for what you say you will want from the car the SST will provide plenty of smiles for you, whilst being a joy to use about town. You can change modes depending on where you are and how you feel.
I drive mainly in sport using the paddles. The wife just leaves it in normal drive. If you select supersport then it is noticably sharper.

Servicing the transmission is important with oil changed no later than every 20k miles.

I have an M4 and an M6 with DCT transmissions so I expected the SST to feel clunky and cumbersome. Nope, I was wrong.
It (the X) is still a car that is simple to drive slowly, very easy to drive quickly and doesn't feel a let down after driving the M cars.
Never had an ounce of bother with our SST at all.

Go try one and get a good one.

Edited to add.....don't worry about buying a 300. Get that, get it mapped with stage 1 supporting enhancements and you'll see more than 350 or 360 with ease and without worrying the SST. Mine is mapped and running around 370-380.

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Thanks Evomentalist! Really good bit of information. I think I will go for the x FQ300 with SST. As I said I will only be doing 1500 miles a year so I will get the gearbox oil changed when I buy it and that should see me good for a while.
Saying that Iíll get all the oils changed and the timing chain done. Probably be looking for one with around 40-50000 miles on it and no more.
Will definitely get it remapped. Do you know how much power the standard engine can take. Iím guessing around 400BHP if there was a FQ400 made. Thatís unless they used forged pistons and crank in that model.
Just need to choose a colour now.
Thanks for all your help.🙂
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I have a 6RS which was purchased to do some track days in, I also have a 9 which is fantastic for B road blasting on a sunny weekend and I also have a modified Ralliart (poor man's Evo X ) which has the same SST as the X which was my daily.

For what you say you want the car for and the low'ish mileage then probably the X is the one like others have said but I'd consider the manual if you can find one as it's a little more engaging to drive (for the weekend blasts). If you were to do a lot more mileage then go for the SST as it's much easier to more miles in...
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Cheers Mlau1294. Thatís a bit more food for thought. Think Iím going to see if I can try out a 9 and a X in SST and Manual. Iíll know for sure then which one feels better.
Like you said the manuals are harder to find in the X guise but I have seen a handful out there.
Thanks everyone for all your advice. Great group of people.👍🏻
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SST will overheat at the track, after many laps on a warm or hot day.
Adding oil-cooler to the SST can go a long way to fix the issue.

As near standard car, X is hard to fault. YOu should reflash the Engine and SST ECU, to optimize mapping, and align the wheels, and keep it standard for most smiles with least expense and reliability concerns.

Good tires, good brake pads and brake fluid.
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Having had both manual and SST Xs, one further beneficial feature of the SST is that its gearbox is 6 speed rather than the manual's 5. This makes for much more relaxed/quieter motorway cruising.
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Hiya, I've had my X 300 SST now for about 6 months. Been on many long drives and blasts in it and it has been faultless. Can't comment for on track, although I do hear alot about people fitting heated sumps and coolers for the SST. Although if you can get four or five good laps in before that has always done me in the past (had a track civic and after about 5/6 laps oil temps would creep up, do two slow laps or take a short break and everything was good again).

There are loads of 300 X's for sale at the moment, although finding a truly never modified example will be a struggle in my opinion. However most seem to have an air filter, boost soloniod and exhaust with a cheeky remap and make 360/380 range and seem reliable.

Mine is a weekend car but the last month I had to daily it as I learnt my other car to a friend. And I loved it, it's comfortable enough to use all the time. But spacious family car. And is wicked quick when you want it to be.

Good luck on your search, any other questions just let me know.
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What’s your max budget ...???
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