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First warning, some non evo pictures will appear first, but will be kept to a minimum in future.

But there's going to be lot's of pictures (including the Evo mainly in the future) to make up for it all, you'll learn I like taking pictures where i'm behind the camera

Right so... this isn't going to be a build thread (although isn't that what everyone always says and it just spirals?) more just a following of what's gone on with the car in general. I usually do one of these for any of the car's I own that I plan to keep long term. So given im not planning on letting the evo go anytime soon it's only right I start one for it

Before we get to the exciting Evo bit, i'll give you all some background as to my petrolhead past, see if you can spot a theme. So 9 years ago just before my 17th birthday I took possession of my first ever car having had the petrolhead bug bite me a few years previous in a big way (always had an interest, but hitting my teens it became my life). Nothing exciting and sensibleish from an insurance point of view, a more door 1.4 LX Peugeot 206. Did a fair few miles in that, and plenty of storeies/memories in it as well. Was a sad day seeing it go (but isn't it the same for anybody and there first car) It only destroyed 4 gearbox's in my ownership of 2 and a bit years. This is one of if not my favorite picture of it....
IMG_0653 by LeeThr, on Flickr

During that period I also bought a cheap absolute banger of a 206 GTi which I did use for a couple of months in in the middle of one of the 1.4's gearbox saga's. Complete shed that was very tired, but at the same time given how little i'd paid for it made it such a fun car as I was in the mindset of don't really care what happens to it. In the end I broke it and got back nearly 4X what I paid for it in total. Which was then used to fund the next purchase and long term keeper... A tidy example of a 206 GTi back in August 2012. Picked up this 2003 GTi-138 with 35K from new on the clock. Day I picked it up...
$T2eC16F,!)UE9s3wBmi5BQKVk1,U6g~~60_3 by LeeThr, on Flickr
$T2eC16FHJHIE9nysd9hEBQKW7v4O7w~~60_3 by LeeThr, on Flickr

And some ownership/light modifications later...
WP_20140327_18_54_39_Raw by LeeThr, on Flickr
WP_20140327_18_49_23_Raw by LeeThr, on Flickr

Still own this now, but it hasn't been on the road for 18 months and isn't in a great state of health (imobolizer issues included), it's actually this car the Evo is replacing effectively.

end of 2014/start 2015... due to changes in circumstances the GTi was becoming a bit of a burden to run financially given the millage I was doing at the time (in uni & the part time job at the time hours were being really squeezed) So a change of daily driver was needed and I ended up buying the first of the 3 pug 406 Coupé's 2.2 HDi i've owned (last one still here but about to be moved on as well)
WP_20150130_16_48_41_Raw by LeeThr, on Flickr
(Yes there's also another 206 lurking in the background and a 306 GTi-6 hidden in the garage another project of mine awaiting time)

Also acquired another project... 205 GTi 1.9...
WP_20150423_15_31_20_Raw by LeeThr, on Flickr

Last year after the 406 starting to show it's age through issues and needing tinkering under the bonnet with almost on a daily occurrence, having just started a new full time career whilst still working weekends at my previous job so 7 days a week. It was decided I needed something a bit newer/less tired and didn't need so much attention from a mechanical perspective to get to & from work. And the replacement was.... a Peugeot RCZ (which if im completely honest feels much more the spiritual successor to the 406 Coupé than the 407 Coupé ever looked)
20180419_204302 by LeeThr, on Flickr
20180701_104455 by LeeThr, on Flickr

Also the current "active" project (been 3 years nearly in the making now) is my 2002 106 GTi being built up as a road rally car but with the intention of making it possible to get it MSA logbooked for stages with minimal work. This actually started of as a 97 cherry red 106 GTi but turned out to be a very very rotten shell. Then got offered another rolling shell which was almost mint just missing an engine after throwing a rod. No issue as I had a good working one from the red So it went from this...
WP_20161018_13_41_04_Pro by LeeThr, on Flickr

To currently looking like this...

WP_20170601_19_09_41_Rich by LeeThr, on Flickr

Plan is to get that painted by the end of this year at the latest and hopefully get it out on a rally or two next year. There is a full thread on this build over on the 106 rallye register... where you can also see just how rotten the original shell was.... http://www.106rallyeforum.com/forum2...ad.php?t=94997

Some more links whilst we're here... Flickr...
Mine is: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
106 build Album... https://flic.kr/s/aHskKiXbuA (Original shell... https://flic.kr/s/aHskttxccY )
205 GTi... https://flic.kr/s/aHskaejVtE
206 1.4 https://flic.kr/s/aHsjv4XgYs
206 GTi Album... https://flic.kr/s/aHsjVAqKPv
RCZ... https://flic.kr/s/aHskC9rFCd

Incase nobody's worked it out yet I quite like my Peugeot's all i've ever owned up to now. and the current fleet in ownership stands at:
1987 - 205 GTi 1.9 in Graphite Grey.
1999 - 306 GTi-6 in China Blue
2002 - 106 GTi in Moonstone Blue
2003 - 206 GTi 138 - in Moonstone Blue (soon to be gone)
2003 - 406 Coupé 2.2 HDi in Aegean Blue (soon to be gone)
2010 - RCZ 2.0 HDi 163 in Dolphin Blue

Which brings us on neatly too...
Of course the latest addition & reason im here... the 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII GSR FQ300 in Satellite Silver (to give it it's full title)
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I bet most people are wondering why on earth I would take on another project given everything else i've got to contend with as it is.

But it was actually my dad's car and he took ownership back in September 2008, but given he's a biker at heart this has just been a use & abuse toy for him. I've wanted it since day 1 (even before I was old enough to legally drive it and years before I could even entertain insuring it for a reasonable figure) But finally after it being off the road again unused for nearly 3 years finally gave in and decided it was time to move it on but gave me first refusal. After years of nagging for it and finally accepting I wasn't going to get that one I was working towards saving for an 8 MR-FQ340. It meant when I was suddenly offered this one it came as a surprise and took a moment to think about it having gotten into the state of mind of what I really wanted instead.

Put some thought into it and came up with the logic of
a) I knew the car and been responsible for some of the work on it.
b) It's a very low millage example
c) I had the opportunity to spend a day 2 weeks ago with it up in the air on axle stands and crawl around underneath and poke everywhere possible known for the dreaded tin worm. Something I might not have been able to do anywhere near as thorough with any other seller. and was pleased to find a very strong structurally sound shell underneath minus a 20pence piece sized hole in the rear chassis rail above the silencer.

Came to the conclusion that the lack of use it's really had in the last 10 years has actually been it's saving grace as it's seen very little if any road salt.

Although not perfect it was a solid base to bring bring back up to scratch and at nearly half what I was budgeting for, for a tidy MR with double the millage.

So what are we working with... (excuse the crap archive pictures here going forward better quality is promised)
WP_000126 by LeeThr, on Flickr
WP_000027 (1) by LeeThr, on Flickr
WP_20140528_23_20_34_Raw by LeeThr, on Flickr

Does have a veilside bodykit fitted (believed to be fitted by the supplying dealer) as well as Evo 9 FQ360 speedline Turini wheels fitted. Other than that it's standard.

From a mechanical point of view it's in reasonable health just crying for a full service/fluid refresh & cambelt change.

Only two current mechanical issues are:
1) Speedo not working (tried the bypass the km/h converter trick to no joy, and today pulled out the sensor thinking it might be the toothed gear having fallen from the the end, to then swear when it came out realizing the 6 speed uses a completely different sensor type) Next move is buy something that can read live ECU data and test if the ECU is seeing a signal from it.
2) fluid leak in transmission area. Whilst under the car the other weekend it looks as though it may be a failure of the seal between the main gearbox and transfer case. Given I want to do a full fluid change anyway not an extensive amount of work to fix this one.

Also would like to change a couple of boost pipe clamps that have repeatedly popped off at times. and replace the expansion bottle or at least the lid given the nipple the pipe from the rad connects to has snapped.

The rest of the current plan is cosmetics really.
  • Needs a bloody good clean, it's green on the outside having been sat under a tree for 2 years... sap, uch. Including de-leading from scuttle under bonnet
    Rear chassis rail needs patching, full underside clean and seal.
    Front bumper wants a respray (specifically the veilside) All the wire mesh wants attention (not sure if just spraying or powdercoat is best for this job)
    Front slam panel needs to be cleaned of surface rust and painted and maybe replacement rad mounts just to tidy it up.
    Coil pack cover either repaint lettering or replace.
    Alloys need a refurb.
    Brembo's all around want laquer peal fixing - May also look at replacing the 16 year old factory rubber flexi pipes with braided items at the same time given the fluid needs replacing as well.
    Replace/refit front wheel arch liners and undertray.
    De-glaze headlights.

Probably a few other odd little bits that need sprucing up as well along the way.

But most importantly get the damn thing mechanically sound, insured and in for test so I can tax it and drive the damn thing.

Let's see what this year brings....
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Been here a while now....
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Interesting little project, not sure I'm a fan of the body kit but each to there own!
How many miles does she have under belt?
I live one day at a time!
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Yeah the kit can be a bit marmite, even just depending upon the angle you look at the car from can change your perception of it.
As for millage, can't remember exactly off the top of my head, but she's somewhere around the 45K mark, cam belt territory no matter which way you look at it.

Well finally moved forward a touch with it weekend just been, after getting the multimeter on the end of the loom to the speed sensor in the box and finding I had a voltage there, combined with having taken the km/h converter out the equation decided to take a gamble on a sensor that appeared on ebay, £30 later....

I have a working speedo again.. YAY!!! (And before there's any comments this was running it up on axle stands)

So the big unknown that was on my list is now off it. The rest is all relatively straight forward. But it finally got some sort of clean, just attacked with the pressure washer, and to be fair even just from that it has come up quite well. But at a later date I will be going at it properly, snowfoam full decontamination etc....

The engine bay is really going to need a lot of elbow grease however

Did have a very quick go at the cam cover with some autobrite Jaffa degreeser, just a drop on a piece of tissue, and it does look like given some work & time it may well come back up quite well. Front is after a quick wipe, rear is how it all was....

I've ordered the o rings that sit between the transfer & gearbox as well as an oil filter from the local mitsi dealer today, should have them by the end of the week. Just need to work out what oil to get for the box's and then i'll be able to attack that this weekend all things being well and get that fully sealed up. (Been looking at the millers CRX NT+ after seeing it mentioned on here in a few places, but also seen some posts to only use it with high power cars not factory power levels)

Just need to get the rest of the service items. Don't suppose anyone knows if you can get just a replacement element for the HKS panel filters or if it's just the entire unit?

Only other issue i'm yet to get sorted is insuring it, haven't decided yet if I want to save myself roughly £100 by waiting until the middle of June to swap my NCB around on my other car.

But so far we seem to be moving in the right direction to it being back on the road by the summer at the very latest.
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looks like the engine bay was stored in a forest!
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Originally Posted by Baileyk View Post
looks like the engine bay was stored in a forest!

It's quite literally spent the last 3 year's sat under a tree =(

But using the pressure washer carefully around the bay has cleaned the majority out
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Wow nearly 2 months since I last updated this... my bad, but time flies when your having fun I guess.

But the good news is a fair bit's happened. Most important bit being she's back on the road for the first time in nearly 4 years pretty much sailed it's mot apart from the headlight beam pattern being off due to the lenses being clouded up, quick polish later and all sorted.

But she was not happy to being with being dragged kicking and screaming back into life, not sure if it was a dirty maf or just the ECU having to re-learn all of it's fuel trims, but for the first 100 or so miles as soon as you went anywhere near the boost it was misfiring like a pig. Gradually started to clear itself up though to the point it rev's out cleanly to the limiter.

But this did then highlight another issue that's going to involve some more money being thrown at it..

Just going to replace all the boost pipe clamps and the silicon joiners as there all showing signs of being a bit tired now and just put's it to bed once and for all.

Had another issue to begin with as well with it throwing it's coolant out after a bit of progressive driving, but think this may have just been an air lock as after bleeding it a couple of times it seems to have settled itself down. Going to do a full system flush and get some proper coolant in it when I do the timing belt though, probably throw a stat in it as well just to be on the safe side.

Also discovered the brake discs are pretty much ready for the bin, wouldn't surprise me if they are the discs it left the factory with, and given the number of times they've been heat cycled then stood up and rusted up completely and cleaned up, they look pretty well glazed, and do not like getting hot at all. But a full brake system overhaul is on the to-do list, caliper re-furb, flexi hoses changed to braided, fresh discs and pads and a full fluid change.

It's overall mainly just been little issues here and there that's to be expected with a car that's been layed up for a long period of time. Overall when it's behaved itself properly i've loved driving it and know it's still got a lot more to improve upon yet as well.

There is one issue that's appeared though which has got me slightly worried. started noticing a little puddle on the driveway where it was parked up. I'm dropping ACD fluid out the bleed nipple on the transfer box. Whilst I was sorting the gear oil leak it did look as though it had been seeping through so I did pull it out and resat it and tightened it up.

But it's started leaking again, got under it yesterday too see if it would tighten back up, barely gave it half a turn and got that horrible feeling of something stripping it's thread so stopped instantly.

Anybody had any experience of this happening? Going to pop over to my local engineering/machine shop later on and see what can be done, hoping they can do something with it in situ or if it's going to be a pull the transfer box back out completely job. Just hope it can be repaired and that I don't need to start looking for another box or at the very least the ACD slice for the box.

And finally just a few random pictures, does look a lot better now it's had a pretty good clean up. I did spend about 8 hours on it one Saturday.

In it's natural habitat...

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Keep at it, looking great
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Nice work mate, I kinda like the body kit

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Great to see it getting some well deserved TLC .... Looking Great
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Not much to report for now, waiting on various things currently, but did manage to get it out for a bank holiday run so have a couple more pictures....

Been a bit love/hate with it at times but when the turbo comes on song all the bad stuff gets forgotten instantly. Just need to crack on and get it all sorted.
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Well the car's demanding my wallet be opened and some time on axle stands...

Finally got the bleed nipple on the transfer box sorted to then find it wasn't that leaking after all. So that needs to come back out completely. It's leaking somewhere between the joints in the casing... joys.

Starter motor's also decided to pretty much give up, it's just not engaging, spins over freely but won't actually engage.

So think im going to get it up on stands and just attack everything in one hit and get it all sorted. Including the cambelt, and brakes. and a few cosmetic items.

Want to get the wheels refurbed, and wrapped in some new rubber as what's on it currently is completely dire, yesterday morning in the wet every single roundabout was turning into a full on 4 wheel drift even at 15-20mph. Then had it try and spin all 4 wheels coming off a roundabout as well.

Any recommendations on what works well with these? Was thinking of going with the same Pirelli P Zero Nero GT's i've got on my RCZ currently.
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I’m running Bridgestone potenza RE003 and I cannot fault them, I’ve also had Michelin pilot sport 4 and those are also brilliant in all conditions, I find things like R888R and Ns2R very good performance wise but they don’t last long and you can see the quality in the materials straight away

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