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Originally Posted by cyberfella View Post
Attend all-day track events at Spa and Nurburgring, pushing over 125 BHP per cylinder from 8.30am until 17:30 and the need for maximum cooling will likely soon make itself known .

This is the reliability level I want the car at for my annual pilgrimages, hence capping the power at 500 BHP too.

The Stack Pro Control oil pressure and temp gauges are set to change colour as I ascend through the degrees celsius, ultimately flashing red at me when things start to get out of hand.

The air con has been fully removed so the weight up front should not change a great deal either.

The HKS oil cooler is designed to compliment, not replace the oem one anyway. It's just that I'd already replaced the oem one with a 10% more efficient mishimoto one.

Hope you car is going well I came across this a while back on the twin oil cooler setup have you find much difference and benefit in the second cooler set up?


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