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Originally Posted by B6KOF View Post
What difference does it make???
They both mean the same thing. Anyone who knows what Cat d means, knows what VCAR means.
I dont know anyone who buys a 8-10-12-15k car without doing a HPI check anyway...
I know what Cat D means.

But I had no idea what Vcar means?

So I'm with everyone else - why don't you say Cat D in the advert? If you're adamant that everyone "knows" what the other thing means, then you've nothing to lose and demonstrating clearly that you have nothing to hide. As it is - it is reasonable and correct use of the English language for people to say that you are hiding something. If that's not what you want - you could change the ad. If you don't change the ad, then it is perfectly and dispassionately reasonable to continue to believe that everything is not quite as it is being portrayed in the ad.

That isn't anything personal - so don't take it that way - but the way an advert is presented is important.

As with any car - always buy the seller, not the car.

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