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Originally Posted by grants View Post
I've know JG for quite some time! Before Dermot C's Ford days, I helped to build/run the cars through to the 5 GB1 titles
I know there have been a few dissatisfied customers along the way (which is probably true of most engine builders) but, that aside, I think Godfrey definitely has some skill both with a spanner and behind the wheel.

Interesting to know about the running gear in that Fiesta. I did wonder how much the car had changed while Godfrey has been running it.

Yeah, I knew it was an OMSE car and I think Derek is running a Mountune built engine now, isn't he? I asked to get some engine bay pictures earlier in the year but was told no!

Originally Posted by grants View Post
Something you may have missed is LHMC will be running the 2020 "MSA" championship :
I saw that. Having seen some negative comments about the MSA Championship in its existing state (specifically the comments by Ollie O'Donovan and Roger Thomas) I hope LHMC can win everyone back next year. I really think it would help things if they joined the BTRDA and BRX Championships as well .
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