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Mitsubishi Evo 6 RS


I have decided to part ways with my Evo 6 RS.
I have owned it for over 2 years now and have enjoyed it as much as I can. Unfortunately I am not able to use the car as much as I want and therefor would rather sell it on.
Firstly it is not a show queen and has been used as intended. Last year I took part in the Time Attack UK Championship and got to exploit some of the cars potential on track. The car is fantastic, points grips and goes. Although the power is not massive it is an extremely quick car and capable of podium finishes.
In the right hands the car would be extremely capable car to compete at a high level in.
TA Snet 2018-3 141 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr

This car was imported by JM-Imports back in October 2016.
The car is fully undersealed, completed by JM-Imports upon arrival and then taken to Evotune for a health check.
Speedo converted at 146305km (90,872 miles)
Current Mileage: 151,000K (which works out around 95,000 miles)
MOT Expires 07.09.19

Price: 12,500 ono.

The car was mapped by Evotune to a healthy and safe 353bhp.
During my ownership the car has been looked after by the specialist team at Auto Torque carrying out the majority of the modification work and maintenance, ensuring the car is kept to a high standard and all required work being done. I also had the car valeted and protected with Qyeon Q2 to help protect the paint. This was carried out by Fiske Automotive, with evidence of receipts. Car has documented service history since being in the UK, lots of additional documentation including receipts for parts, work carried out, rolling road print out, etc.

Exedy Twin Plate Clutch - Sprung
MeisterR GT-1 Suspension
K Sport 8 Pot 330mm Front Brake Kit
K Sport 4 Pot 330mm Rear Brake Kit
Pagid RS29 Brake Pads
Braided Brake Lines
Uprated Rear Lower Arms
Uprated Fuel Pump
Turbo Back Japspeed 3 exhaust good for track use
Uprated Diff bolts
Front Wishbone Polybush upgrade
Rear Toe Arm Polybush upgrade
Whiteline Front Anti Roll Bar 24mm
Whiteline Adjustable Rear Anti Roll Bar 26mm
Sparco Grid II Fibreglass Bucket Seats
OMP Corsica 350mm Steering Wheel
Blitz Boost Gauge and Turbo Timer

At the end of last year I had the gearbox rebuilt following 4th gear failing.
This was completed by Auto Torque and I have all the relevant receipts for evidence of this work.

The car is located in Bedford.
Please contact me on: 07824 568081

I am happy to have people come view the car and to take it out for a test drive.
Below are pictures of the car as it currently stands, but I have more if people wish to drop me a message. Recently I have just fitted a Evo 8 rear bench set to make the car more road friendly. This also reduces a lot of noise when in the car.
You can see some of the imperfections in these pictures and these have been the areas people have been asking me to show them when messaging so hopefully with this updated it is a more suitable advert.

IMG_6235 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6234 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6241 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6240 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6239 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6238 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6237 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6251 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6243 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6259 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6258 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6256 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6255 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6254 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6253 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6250 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6249 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6247 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6246 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_5689 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6045 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6034 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6314 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr
IMG_6313 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr

Below is a mark on the passenger side door. Looks like there used to be a badge of some sort which was removed then over polished. It is very faint but does show up. As previously said the car is not show queen and does have marks on it. The boot floor is also a bit worn and has some surface rust. Ideally this needs to be treated and resprayed but as I was using the car this was never a priority.

IMG_6242 by Peter Hunt, on FlickrIMG_6257 by Peter Hunt, on Flickr

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