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Talking Car Purchase Dilemma

Hey! I'm really new to this site! I've been following it for a bit just trying to learn what I can. I'm not sure if this question has been posted yet but here I go.

As the title suggests I am in a dilemma for which EVO to buy. I have two options so far. I'm torn between the Evo 3 and the Evo 4. Currently, the 3 is legal in the states but I can't really find much support for it as far as forums or videos for repairs and whatnot. If I'm mistaken which I'm sure I am and if someone could point me in the direction of good mechanic forums or also shops in the DC, MD, VA area that specializes in these types of cars that would be great!

The 4 looks to have a bigger and more popular fan base from what it seems and more options for parts as it kind of works in with the 5-9 Evo's. But I digress. My one problem is the 3 is available now but the price point is around 16-23k which is pretty high. The 4 is around 9-14k but won't be legal for another year+ at least. I really like both for their own reasons. The 4 looks better to me but I will have to wait a long time for one. The 3 from what I hear feels rawer and if need be could be my daily until I get something to be my new daily. Would it make more sense to wait for a year-ish for the 4 or just pull the trigger on the 3? I'm just torn haha because if I get the Evo 4 and wait for the legality I will probably have to buy another car to drive for the time being. I just feel ancy with the second option even though it will save me money haha. (I moved from the city and currently do not have my own car, I'm borrowing my brothers).

I have a lot of other questions haha But these seemed like the most reasonable since It actually involved getting the car first. Also, has anybody had any trouble financing these cars from a bank? I plan on paying a chunk of the cost but I will probably need a loan to get the last bit.
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