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Originally Posted by alpinaturbo View Post
Thank you.

I have the intention to retrofit ACD: test fitted into OEM TME Transfer-Case, fits, and requires 1-additional bolt-boss welded-on which Shep confirmed it not too challenging to realize.

I agree, both the ACD and AYC perform magic, a standard late E9 GT with ACD and AYC is superb drive, and if too much power than properly setup RS rear will do great.

Glad to know that proper RS E5 and E6 are properly light compared to other cars.
My TME RS2 LHD is 1395kg wet, on scales. Considering book says 1370kg, I do look forward to 1280kg lighter (Without AC, AYC) RS Version.

I thought all the RS2 were basically RS with 17" wheels and brembos, and therefore none RS2 come with AYC ?

Well, mine is a LHD RS2 and the only options it has are 17 wheels, Brembos and electric windows. I donīt have Ayc, Abs, Air Conditioning , Rear wiper , electrical aerial, abs.

My car document says 1280kg.

But I am waiting to weight it on proper scales.
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