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Originally Posted by Dallas J View Post
The WL RCK is only 5mm of correction and the front RC moves ~3" per in of ride height. So The WL kit will move the front up 15mm. Not nothing, but not much compared to the 100-150mm of RC from factory on a car lowered 30-50mm.

The better use case IMO for the the WL RCK is when you add caster via offset top hats or offset control arm bushing. Either of these drop the Tie Rod relative to the lower ball joint and increase bump steer (toe out in compression). Changing just the ball joint but leaving OEM tie rod (which is also 5mm longer) is just about perfect for 2-3deg of added caster.

PS. These are all things I've personally measured not read of the internet in the pursuits of making the SSB suspension parts.
Thanks, although I didn't understand most of that. I actually got the superpro RCK. No idea if that's any different?

As long as it won't ruin the handling I currently have or make things worse I will fit the kit.

Booked in to fit on 22nd
EVO 9 FQ-340
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