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Possible Clutch Issue

Hi Rich,

had a strange issue with my Evo 6 in that I got some rattling/grinding noise when trying to pull off in 1st. When I dipped the clutch the noise stopped but basically made the rattling/grinding noise at the biting point. I managed to pull off and the noise stopped and hasn't made it again despite stopping and pulling off again. I have noticed the clutch is very snatchy sometimes lately but other times fine.

The car has always made a funny rattling noise when pulling off in 1st but stops as soon as going walking pace always wondered if this was clutch release bearing. I realised you changed the clutch in 2008 when original started to slip so reckon the clutch must have done about 70k miles now. Just wondered whether you think this might be the clutch or release bearing giving up. If you think it may be, shall look into buying another and arranging sometime for you to replace it.


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