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Mitsubishi Evo 7 RS HKS Kansai Service


I have up for sale my 2001 Mitsubishi Evolution 7 RS HKS Kansai Service demo car, it is a very serious machine on the road but built to be a extremely capable and well engineered track car.

Being a Grade 4B it has no accident history and has only covered 21,800km from new which is approximately 13,500miles, Japanese history check included.

Kansai Service installed a set of 6 Pot AP Racing calipers up front and 4 Pot AP’s on the rear, these work a treat with the whole set up of the car along with AP racing brake bias controller. Along with a host of other special parts it also features specially tuned Kansai Service spec dampers and setup.

Oil pressure is healthy 6 bar+ cold start and 2.5bar hot idle. The car starts and idles effortlessly with the HKS twinplate clutch and RS gearbox are relatively easy to use for street use.

Link G4+ ECU fitted and mapped for U.K pump fuel, the car runs an effortless 500bhp at 1.5bar. (Fitted and mapped at Redline Tuning upon import, summer 2018).

HKS Forged piston kit
HKS Forged conrod kit
HKS Conrod bolts
HKS metal gasket kit
HKS cams
HKS Oil cooler kit
HKS intercooler kit
HKS T04R Turbo
HKS manifold
HKS external wastegate
HKS downpipe
HKS intercooler piping
HKS air filter
HKS de cat
HKS titanium cat back exhaust
HKS fuel rail
HKS/Denso 720cc Injectors

Suspension & Drivetrain
RS 5 speed gearbox
HKS twin plate clutch
HKS Kansai adjustable suspension
HKS Kansai front strut brace
HKS rear strut brace
bushes front and rear changed
Cusco LSD rear internals
Front under brace
Cusco rear anti roll bar

AP 6 pot brakes front
AP 4 pot brakes Rear
AP racing brake bias controller
Brake ducting
Yokohama RG1 18” alloy wheels

Recaro SPG drivers seat
Recaro SPG passenger seat
Rear roll cage with door bars
Link G4 ecu mapped to Shell v-power (500hp)
Sparco suede steering wheel (recently fitted)
HKS oil pressure gague
HKS water temp gauge
HKS oil temp gauge

Carbon bonnet
Carbon rear diffuser
Carbon rear diffuser vortex generators
Ralliart wing mirrors
Carbon exhaust shroud

This is a one off serious machine which unfortunately I am unable to make time to use properly (or do any justice driving!) so decided I would offer on MLR first before it potentially goes back to the importer.

Overall in immaculate condition both exterior and interior with the underbody in stunning condition also. I had the sills raptor protected in body colour Scotia white for peace of mind due to some minor paint chips underneath but otherwise all in original paint underbody and cavity wax in places.

Dry stored and battery conditioned, only used in dry weather.

This car is the complete package and with all the parts fitted to work together perfectly, it really is a stunning machine to drive!

I have also found footage of the car being built in Japan and photos as it was which also held the Central Circuit Japan road car lap record for some time.


Located in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Feel free to contact me for more info if required. 07790724008

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