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How much smoke is normal?

Hi guys,
I get a greyish smoke from exhaust when running from cold (fast idle) & then settles down when warm. I have also noticed a slightly darker grey from exhaust (looking in rear mirror) when flooring it sometimes, especially say in top gear on motorway doing 50, then planting throttle so car under load.
Where my tailpipe is near to brick wall I also have a nice black sooty mess left behind. I would say it smells a bit fuely.

Car is evo 8 FQ330, with decat, DW fuel pump, 1000cc injectors, HKS Turbo & mapped to 380bhp/350torque with only 1.5bar boost. Injectors, turbo, fuel pump are only couple years old & was mapped to 423bhp/400torque with 1.7bar back then with previous owner. I chose to get another map and bring boost down for what I wanted.
Had new plugs (not sure which) 10k miles ago costing 52.

Oh, engine has 70k miles with full service history

Any opinions please let me know.

Thanks Steve
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