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Hi guys

So let me help you out a bit as I've been doing some work with the sst gearbox in the past weeks.

A bit of a background info first of all.

Car is stage 1, custom tune for engine as well as some tuning on the sst pressures. All done to our local tuner who has deep knowledge on evos.

Car has roughly around 60K km and at around 30K it did its first sst oil change.

A few weeks ago I did another oil change with castrol transmax dual.

I also asked to perform teach in.

Sadly with the firmware I had it was not possible so the service center had to reprogram the tcu to the 2009 version 8631A8270B.

So they did:

Immediately I noticed a few differences.

First all, mechanical start up noises stopped once car was starting up (not torque damper clicking, this is not a bug but a feature )

On a different thread I posted a recent update on my car which I fitted the racecapture track unit. So I'm able to monitor rax patch data.

On racecapture I noticed a small increase in clutch pressure from 10 to 11 bar.

After we installed the custom sst map at super sport with custom map selected on clutch pressures I saw 12 bar, but still far from the 14 bar which should work.

So what we did (BTW my car is a 2010 evo x sst, 2009 built) was that we flashed the tcu to the latest firmware.

Please have a look at the firmware list.

We followed the manual (need to place update files in specific locations and edit an xml file) then started the tcu upgrade process to 2012 version

Finally all was successful!

Why it was critical to update? Because the guys here have seen increased pressure with this firmware so it was important to see if this would solve the low pressure situation. Low clutch pressure creates clutch slip.

After that we did the extensive teach in (long procedure, the one that you go through all the stages, switch off wait 10 seconds then go through 4 more steps again. Don't remember exaxclty the sequence but I can check it).

And then went out to try it.

Put the car in super sport and immediately I noticed a huge improvement in clutch bite and it was even more noticeable when shifted to 2nd even at low rpm as you felt no slippage and a slight kick.

And then found a nice straight and floored it. So our faces smiled when we saw 14,3 bar pressure and felt the kick instantly!

I suggest you try it as well and advise any updates.

In Greece we have two very powerful SSTs (one 750 the other 850hp) so our tuner is very experienced.

Hope this helps!


Oh and something I forgot. It is critical for securing solid sst performance to change oil every 30k km and perform teach in every 6 months.

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