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Originally Posted by stu8 View Post
Yes, for a few weeks now, though I dont do big miles

As my previous experience, as I have only ever driven in S-sport paddles, when I first went to try normal, the gearchange felt lazy, just not nice, something i'd always put down to the box being due a re-con

But I stuck with it for a while, just normal gentle road driving, in auto. As time went by, the change started to become noticeably more positive, as expected

It is how I drive daily now, switch to sport if im going to push harder

I remember reading the clutch is constantly learning, so went with the theory as i'd not used normal for 2 years, its fair to assume it may need to learn with the lower clamping forces associated with normal. So far that seems to ring true, from the feel on the road

Good on you :-)

Interesting that you think the changes in Normal have improved with time, although I was always pretty clear that there wasn't any kind of on-going learn function associated with the SST.
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