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I don't know for certainbut I suspect that when Ralliart did the warranty with CCC there were restrictions on mods laid down by CCC. Now that Ralliart have taken responsibilty for their own warranty, they seem perfectly happy to modify cars they have supplied and warranteed. For my money that can only be good for customers in the future although I can see that people unable to modify their cars being a bit p***ed off.

What I don't understand is why people expect Ralliart to warranty a car and then allow you to do what you like. Take any other car, a BMW, Audi, etc...... if you do anything to them you invalidate the whole warranty. Why should Ralliart be different. And before other start saying that there are people who offer warrantees in grey cars, we have all seen what happens when it comes to major claims. I am sure that Ralliart don't see it as lost business but as avoiding warranty pay outs!!!!!
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