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I know of two EVO VI's that have been bought independently rather than through Ralliart in the last 12 months. Ralliart has lost these two particular sales for one reason. Those particular customers were not prepared to spend 2K over the odds for a Ralliart car and their warranty when they're no longer allowed to carry out any work on the car even if completed by Ralliart. This is a ridiculous situation that will harm Ralliart in the long run. I bought a nice shiny Ralliart EVO VI and was looking forward to my stage one at 8 months old when I was told it would invalidate my warranty. Needless to say I was livid at this...and still am. I ony now reccomend Ralliart to potential punters with a reservation and probably am not the only here one on this forum to do the same. Ralliart can calculate the lost revenue from their lost sales, loss of tuning work and parts. Even more annoying when you know of lots of Stage One's out there still under warranty. At present I'm looking for all my old documentation from Ralliart to see if they mention carrying out the conversions will invalidate the warranty at the time I purchased the car. Any thoughts on this?
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